Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 Spoilers: Gas Unleashes Full Power

Dragon Ball manga spoilers
Dragon Ball Super chapter 80 spoilers

Another month and another monthly chapter await us with more spicy details and exciting fight scenes. Dragon Ball has been one of the biggest franchises. Toriyama never fails to give his reader a taste of what a good fight looks like. Things in Dragon Ball Super have been taking great turns. Battles between the strongest in the universe are one we would love to see, especially if they were written by Akira Toriyama. The manga is right at its peak of anticipation again as we watch Gas and Granolah continue their battle in this chapter too. Dragon Ball Super chapter 80 spoilers will give you a good look at what to look forward to this month.

In the previous chapter, we saw Granolah drawing out his best against Gas, who seems to be losing cool and thus losing the fight. Through his profound skills, Granolah is giving Gas no opening to attack. But when has any fight in Dragon Ball Super gone so one-sided? The newest chapter paves the way for a new chain of events for the characters and ends with yet another fascinating cliffhanger.

Curious about the next chapter? Here are quick heads up into the events with the full Dragon Ball Super chapter 80 spoilers.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super chapter 80 is titled “Gas Vs Granolah Part 2” and is clearly a continuation of the battle from the previous chapter. The chapter opens with an annoyed Gas as Granolah continuously attacks him. Gas charges at him with his Ki, but the latter dodges it with speed. Gas reveals that there is no point in it because he has gotten used to his attacks. At the same time, Granolah is getting exhausted from the continuous fighting too. At a distance, Oil notices that even with all his power, Granolah still outdoes Gas in terms of skills. At the same time, Maki argues that Gas has not lost yet. Meanwhile, Vegeta comments that Granolah is taking too much time to end Gas, which in terms has made the latter used to his attacks.

Granolah attacks Gas with eight clones. Gas says that it is stupid because making clones uses more energy. He pierces them at the same time, but when he does, Granolah uses the opportunity to attack Gas with Ki since Gas won’t be able to defend himself while attacking Granolah’s clones.

Gas is thrown back with the impact and suffers several damages. The same goes for Granolah, who seems to be taking in the damages faced by his clones.

Dbs manga cover
Dragon Ball Super Volume 16 Cover

Gas Awakens

Gas is rescued by Maki and Oil. Monaito appears in front of Granolah to help him. Meanwhile, Elec also makes an appearance and asks Gas to awaken his instinct. Gas goes towards Granolah to fight and transforms into a different form. He gains more muscles and a pair of horns. Elec declares that with the effects of the wish, he will not lose control like 40 years ago. Monaito is shocked since he recognizes Gas’s transformed version as the same he had seen 40 years ago against Bardock.

The battle between Gas and Granolah resumes, and the former hugely dominates the fight. He becomes excessively violent and goes all out, almost killing Granolah. Maki and Oil interfere with making sure he does not go out of control again. They ask him to stop, but Elec tells them that Gas, being the strongest warrior in the universe, also has the power to control himself.

Goku and Vegeta, who are watching, ask what they should do to stop Gas, but Monaito does not know either. Gas suddenly appears and starts attacking them. He first hits Vegeta, but when he is about to hit Goku, he is hit with flashbacks of Bardock, who looked exactly like him.

Remembering Bardock makes him afraid, and as he is distracted, Goku punches him. Elec appears again, giving Gas the confidence to not give up. With his words, Gas transforms again. Elec commands him to kill everyone.

Dragon Ball Super chapter 80 spoilers
Granolah: Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 Release Date

Another exciting fight is coming up this time on Dragon Ball Super. Chapter 80 of Dragon Ball Super will be released on 20 January 2022, at 20:30 hours. You can read the newest chapter on Viz Media or Shueisha’s Manga Plus app.

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