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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 Reveals Vegeta’s God Chi

Dragon Ball Super

The Saiyans from the earth continues with the battle on another planet. The two Saiyans got fooled by the Heeters, who made them battle Granolah. Granolah got convinced the Saiyans are Freeza’s underlings. Dragon Ball Super has entered an epic fight between Saiyans and one of the Tribe of Snipers. Let’s find how the battle continues in the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super. The chapter title is ”Vegeta vs. Granolah.” The chapter begins with the aliens running away from Planet Cereal after hearing explosions. They realize that if they don’t escape, they will get blown away along with the planet.

The aliens are riding spaceships in numbers heading to live on another planet. The Prince of Saiyan Vegeta steps up after Granolah tricks Kakarrot. Vegeta comments that techniques like Fusion and Clones won’t work on him. Granolah replies that he unleashed a clone to save his strength since his goal is to defeat the boss of Saiyans Freeza. Vegeta can’t believe that Granolah still believes that he and Kakarrot are working for Freeza. The Prince of Saiyans reveals that he abandoned Freeza’s army in the past and joins Saiyans on Earth.

Freeza is one of the Saiyan’s foes, and Granolah laughs, thinking that Vegeta is fooling him. Granolah comments that Saiyans are pathetic since Vegeta betrayed his boss to beg for his life. He wonders if these two Saiyans are acting well to save themselves since other Saiyans are associated with evildoers. Vegeta told Granolah to believe what he wants, and he was an infant when the Saiyans attacks Planet Cereal. Vegeta said that things from the past have nothing to do with the Saiyans in the future. Granolah responds that he will get his revenge against all Saiyans.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 Highlights

Vegeta told Granolah that he wouldn’t hold back, and he turns into a Super Saiyan. The Prince of Saiyans increased his powers and decided to show Granolah the ”Powers of Destruction.” Granolah dodged all the attacks and appeared behind Vegeta. Granolah comments that Vegeta’s power lacks quantity, and he will show the difference between him and Vegeta. Vegeta received massive body blows and began to bleed and gets surprised when Granola dodges his super strike. Granolah thought Vegeta is an easy victory, but he backs up and lands a blow that hurt Granolah.

Vegeta changes his tactics, and Granolah fires an arrow like a signature move that Vegeta dodged using teleportation. Vegeta told Granolah to show him a real fight, and Granolah pins Vegeta with the mountain that collapsed. Meanwhile, Goku wakes up and wonders where Granolah is. Vegeta calls Granolah Mr. Strongest, but Granola vanishes. Goku looks at the sky and finds that Granolah and Vegeta are exchanging lightning blows. He is surprised that Vegeta joined the fight.

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super

God of Destruction: God Chi

Granolah notices that Vegeta keeps the fight at a distance and tells him that his tricks wouldn’t work. Vegeta continues with his plans to hit Granolah and teleports simultaneously. Granolah told Vegeta that hesitation is pointless. Goku notices that Vegeta is not fighting like the Vegeta he knew. Vegeta is relaxed take each blow at a time while reading Granolah’s move. If the battle was in the past, Vegeta would have wanted to finish the fight quickly out of rage.

Granola keeps on missing his target and blow the building that he loves. He gets furious that Vegeta is toying with him, and he is fighting like they are in practice. Vegeta reveals that Granola has no battle experience, and he can’t back up his powers. Vegeta begins to tease Granolah and asks him what he was doing ever since he gained this power. Granolah should have gone training to reshape himself since the powers he wields are overwhelming his body. Granolah landed a vast punch and told Vegeta to accept defeat.

Vegeta replies that Granolah might be the strongest warrior in the universe, but he won’t lose against him. The two exchange words while fighting, and Vegeta reminds Granolah that his strength increase in the middle of the battle, and he become a better fighter. Granolah hits Vegeta, and he loses his Super Saiyan form, but he buckled up. Goku notices that Vegeat’s Chi has changed, and it is like God Chi. Vegeta transformed and took a new appearance. He reveals that a God of Destruction taught him the power Derived solely from Instinct.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 release date is 18 August 2021. Dragon Ball Super is available on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga once a month; you can look at Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 Spoilers: Results Of Vegeta’s Training.

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