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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 Reveals Goku’s Perfected Ultra Instinct

Dragon Ball Super

Today we’ll be talking about Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74. Dragon Ball Super is revealing the powers of the strongest man in the universe and the Sayains. Goku and The Prince of Saiyan Vegeta trained hard to face the most powerful man on the planet. However, the rival men have no clues that the Heeters are using them to meet a man who thinks they are working with Freeza. Granola has become the strongest man on the planet after getting his wish filled by the dragon. Dragon Ball Super is about to reveal the new era of Freeza, who got rumored to be the most powerful villain.

The chapter begins with Goku taking one-on-one with Granola, who refused to listen to Goku. The chapter title is ”Goku vs. Granola.” Goku vows to show Granola the powers of Ultra Instinct. Granola realizes that is what they call Saiyans. The two showers each other with barrages of powerful beams and strikes. The Prince of Saiyan Vegeta decided to watch the two since he is here to prove that the power of Destruction is better than the powers that Kakarrot learned from Whis. Vegeta has discovered something about Granola and wanted to warn Kakarrot.

The battle became intense, and Granola showed Goku new techniques that Suprised Goku. Granola seems to be an advantage as he is landing the heavy blows. Goku is trying to learn how Granola fights and Grano’s weakness. The two cancels each other’s attacks and step away from each other. Granola notices that Goku has changed his fighting style and realizes that this guy activated the Evasion Technique. He also realizes that when Goku’s hair was red, he uses that attack. Goku told Granola that beating Bue+Utra Instinct won’t be easy.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73 Highlights

Granola attacks with a two-finger laser that missed the target, Goku dodges all the lasers attack using Ninja skills. Granola wonders what he can’t predict Goku’s movements. Goku fires back and unleashes a Kamehameha that almost blows Granola away. Oil is watching the battle hiding nearby as he buys time for the high-ups to arrive. Maki has headed to the base to report that she has returned with two Saiyans. The blow that miss blow Oil away, and Vegeta felt something.

Goku’s Kamehameha puts Granola on his back and clears a vast piece of forest. Goku feels that his neck hurts and turns back to normal. Granola stood up and realized that was stronger attacks and faster Evasion. Granola told Son Goku that his eye will always lock onto Goku’s vital points. Goku replies that Ultra Instinct is the only weapon that has no weakness, and if he fails, he lacks training. Granola replies that everything has disadvantages and wonders why those guys do training. Granola realizes that he never went through training.

Goku reveals that his body is not ready to wield Ultra Insitca in a Super Saiyan Mode. Granola comments that Goku should give up since he will die here without mastering Ultra Instinct. Goku’s attacks have arrived at aliens’ base, and they wonder who is responsible for that explosion. The Prince of Saiyans Vegeta is surprised to see Goku teleporting near him. Goku comments that Granola has moves like Moro. Vegeta asks Kakarrot if he is struggling. Goku replies that Granola is something different. So what awaits for fans in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74?

Tribe of Snipers

Vegeta comments that he knows the true identity of Kakarrota’s opponent. Vegeta also reveals that he knows about the tribe that uses the right eye specialized for sniping. Goku asks if they are a ”tribe of snipers.” Vegeta replies yes, and a Saiyan who works with Freeza wiped out the ”tribe of snipers.” Granola is the survivor of the ‘tribe of snipers.” Vegeta reveals that Maki and Oil fooled them and get them into a mess. Oil heard everything and comments that there is no turning back.

Goku wonders if they should convince Granola that Saiyans are good guys. Goku replies that he will first beat him and persuade him. The Prince of Saiyans surprises Goku when he asks if he still wants to fight that guy. Goku reveals that he didn’t show Granola Ultra Instinct at full power. Goku unleashes Perfected Ultra Instinct, and Granola realizes that Goku was playing with him. With a single kick, Granola loses his eye patch and receives a shower of strikes. Goku told Granola that he would win the battle quickly.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 70 Spoilers

Goku’s Ultra Instinct: Dragon Ball anime.

Granola felt all the beatings and land on the ground. Goku told Granola to listen and avoid fighting. Granola replies that nothing will change him from getting his revenge on Saiyans. Granola tries to fight, but he has no match against Goku’s new powers. Goku beats Granola and asks if he wants him to settle everything. Vegeta comments that it seems that Kakarrot stole the entire show after seeing that Granola got knocked out. Granola accepted defeat, but he counterattacks Goku and stabs Goku’s chest with two fingers. The Prince of Saiyans steps in and comments that the tribe that will go extinct is the Cereleans.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 release date is 20 July 2021. Dragon Ball Super is available on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga once a month. Also, read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73 Reveals Goku Vs. Granola

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