Dragon Ball Super Chapter 47 Reaction: Goku and Vegeta Saved From Death

Hey you all! As you guys know that Dragon Ball Super chapter 47 is out and even though it was expected that Goku and Vegeta will be saved but it was disappointing to see in the manner in which they were saved. After collecting six of the seven dragon balls, Moro headed towards the seventh ball where Vegeta and Goku were hiding from him. Prepared to die, the duo was actually scared for the very first time knowing that Moro will one shot them this time.

Since they had no option but to confront Moro like a man Goku did exactly that. This is where I wanted Moro to beat the hell out of Goku and Vegeta again but they were saved when Merus and Majin Buu arrived. It was absolutely shocking for me to witness that Majin Buu was able to battle Moro without Moro being able to absorb his energy. Goku and Vegeta were looking on in shock as well.

Now, the next thing that will happen is that no Matt how powerful Majin Buu is, he will be defeated by Moro. Goku and Vegeta will get to know the reason behind Majin Buu keeping Moro from absorbing his energy as he did with Goku. After this, since Goku and Vegeta don’t have much energy left, they might fuse together and then take on Moro one final time.

Since this time around they would know what exactly to do in order to keep Moro from taking away their energy they might just be able to land some heavy blows on Moro and ultimately defeat him.

dragon Ball Super Moro

There are some very interesting things that we got to know from this Moro character. Goku and Vegeta are not undefeatable even after becoming so powerful.

Also, the beating that the duo took during the overall battle with Moro was so satisfying to see as I like protagonists doing things the hard way. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see Goku and Vegeta take more beating in the last chapter but who knows Moro maybe still able to land some heavy blows on them. I’m looking forward to the next manga chapter of Dragon Ball Super.

Unfortunately, we have to wait for a whole month for a new chapter but that is okay because they deliver an awesome chapter month after month. Do tell us what your thoughts regarding the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super manga are in the comments section down below.

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