Dragon Ball Super Chapter 41: Jiren’s Wish Revealed!

Dragon Ball Super manga has been very inconsistent with its last few chapters. I think Chapter 39 wasn’t all that good, but this month’s chapter turned out to be interesting. Goku started fighting Jiren in Ultra Instinct in this month’s chapter, and gradually went from the Omen state to the Mastered one.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 40

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 40: Goku vs Jiren

I liked the way how Toyotaro depicted the mastery of Ultra Instinct. However, I didn’t like the fact that it happened too quickly. Mastering a technique like Ultra Instinct shouldn’t be as easy as Goku made it seem, but then again, he’s Goku. Goku vs. Jiren was a good fight, and Goku dominated the majority of it. Eventually, Ultra Instinct wore off, and Goku was cornered. This is actually where we find out what Jiren’s wish is, and why he wanted the Super Dragon Balls so bad.

Apparently, a monster killed Jiren’s teacher. He was named Master Gicchin. Jiren was strong, but Gicchin never really acknowledged his powers. Jiren respected him a lot though. Since Gicchin died, he never got to see how powerful Jiren had become. He thinks that if his master sees him right now, he will acknowledge him.

But the real reason why he never acknowledged him was that according to him, teamwork was the biggest power, and Jiren was always a lone wolf. Goku and Vegeta show him that teamwork is a great power as well, and now, Jiren is on the back foot again. The manga is getting good in my opinion, and I’d be interested to see how Toyotaro handles it from here on out.

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