Dragon Ball Super Broly: SSG Gogeta Would Look Like This!

The first ever look for Dragon Ball Super Broly is just around the corner. Because of this, fans are starting to get careful on the internet in case they stumble upon an unwanted spoiler. One of the biggest curiosity in the movie right now is if Gogeta will finally make an appearance. Unlike his gloved counterpart, Gogeta was stuck in the Super Saiyan (Super Saiyan 4 for some) and received no revamp ever since. What would SSG Gogeta and SSB Gogeta look like in the movie’s style?

This Is How SSG And SSB Will Look Like In Dragon Ball Super Broly Style

Ever since the NikoNiko stream of Yoshihiko Umakoshi, who was said to be practicing Gogeta was spotted last September, speculation for Gogeta to appear in the Dragon Ball Super Broly movie is piled along the movie hype. Some fans like Merik MERIMO will not wait for the movie to see Gogeta again in his supposed to be updated forms. Twitter user Merik MERIMO put it into his hands to make create fanarts with Gogeta in his red and blue locks. You can see his SSG Gogeta and SSB Gogeta versions below.

The fan arts look cool and can be mistaken as a movie screenshot at one glance. One part of the Dragon Ball Super Broly hype is the fluid yet simple and eye-pleasing animation. There is also the well-choreographed combat itself that will bring back the old martial art brilliance of the series. Hopefully, SSG Gogeta and SSB Gogeta will become official in the movie since he’s one of the most popular non-canon characters in the series.

You can check out Merik MERIMO’s other Dragon Ball Super fanarts on his official Twitter account: @Merik Merimo. Dragon Ball Super Broly will be aired on December 14, 2018, in Japan and on January 2019 in the other parts of the world.

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