Dragon Ball Super Broly Spoilers: Whis, Piccolo, Gohan, Gogeta Roles Confirmed

The pre-screening for Dragon Ball Super: Broly in Japan was done and there’s a handful of people who saw the movie already. In this article, we will feature massive spoilers from the movie. Needless to say, if you don’t want to get spoiled, please stop reading and feel free to read other articles on this site. But for those who want to read Dragon Ball Super Broly Spoilers, here we go.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Spoilers: Whis VS Broly Confirmed

It is confirmed that Broly and Whis will, in fact, get a little battle in the movie. Although Beerus is expected to be a little interested in the Legendary Super Saiyan, it will be Whis who will battle the Broly. However, and as expected, the battle will be one-sided because Broly will never be able to land a hit.

Piccolo And Gohan’s Role In Dragon Ball Super Broly

I’m sure a lot of Gohan fans want him to be in the film and fight Broly like the old days. However, Gohan will not be fighting Broly and is only expected to have a cameo appearance.  Dragon Ball Super Broly spoilers state that Piccolo will also not be fighting against anyone. But he would be a vital character in the series because he will be the one who will be teaching the Vegeta the fusion dance. It can be remembered that in the canon Dragon Ball Super timeline, Vegeta doesn’t know the fusion dance and he will need to learn it for the final battle which leads down to one final spoiler.

Gogeta And Broly Battle Confirmed

After Vegeta learns the Fusion Dance, Broly will finally meet his match in Gogeta. It is expected that we will see Gogeta Blue, and this Gogeta is far more powerful than the original movie a few decades ago. The end of the movie shows that Gogeta will be the one to finish Broly, but before he can do that, Chelye will wish in the Dragon Balls to save Broly. Hopefully, this will open up more time for Broly because his character has huge potential in the series.

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