Dragon Ball Super Broly Reveals All Gogeta Forms

The official release of Dragon Ball Super Broly is just a week away. On December 14, the biggest and most hyped fight in the whole Dragon Ball Super series (aside from Goku VS Jiren) will finally land in theaters in Japan. But before its arrival, another spoiler was out and this time, this is again all about Gogeta’s appearance in the movie. All of the forms that he will use was previewed even before the movie starts.

Recently, the hype surrounding Gogeta appearing in the movie reached a new level with the official trailer finally released. There has been a lot of rumors surrounding the fusion character in as far as months before later trailers were released. Here’s the trailer where they showcased Gogeta’s first appearance.

In the trailer, Gogeta was seen fighting Full Powered Broly with Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. It is confirmed that he will also have his own Blue form like his Potara counterpart Vegito Blue, hence, Gogeta Blue. So far, we only saw his two forms animated: base form and his Gogeta Blue form. The first one is after Goku and Vegeta’s fusion and he introduced himself. The second one is during his fight against Full Power Broly.

Because of a scan from @YonkouProd, it is revealed that Gogeta will also use his Super Saiyan form. The form was previewed in this scan, but there’s still no animated version anywhere. It is safe to say that Super Saiyan Gogeta is more powerful than Super Saiyan Vegito back in the Buu saga. That’s because¬†both Vegeta and Goku achieved more powerful base forms since their fight with Super Buu, hence, more powerful Super Saiyan forms.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly Reveals All Gogeta Forms

For those who want to watch Dragon Ball Super Broly, the movie will be available outside Japan next year. Dragon Ball Super Broly will only be available on officially announced countries.

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