Dragon Ball Super Broly Mysterious Saiyan Identity Revealed

dragon ball super broly

Dragon Ball Super Broly is one of the hyped movies right now, and it is not hard to see the reason for this. Broly is back, and he is going back angrier and more powerful than ever. Not to mention that there will be a lot of new characters that will be introduced in this movie (a lot of them are dead Saiyans, sadly). It seems like one of the most mysterious Saiyans in the movie is revealed.

Back when the first official trailer of Dragon Ball Super Broly was revealed, a certain unknown Saiyan was seen alongside Paragus. He is wearing a uniform similar to that of Cabba. He has the same build too, just taller and a little more muscular, with tails to boot. He was such a mysterious character because he hasn’t appeared in any Dragon Ball material yet.

It was speculated earlier that he might be Yamoshi or someone related to him, but it was dismissed because of Paragus’ presence. Who is this Saiyan and why is he with Paragus? Todd Blakenship revealed this Saiyan’s identity in one of his recent tweets. This Saiyan’s name is Beets, which is a pun for Beetroot, a root vegetable that is commonly found in North America. This is obviously an effort to continue to vegetable pun in Saiyan names.

dragon ball super broly

Paragus entering a space pod makes a lot of sense now that it was revealed how he and Broly escaped Frieza’s extermination. It seems like Beets is one of the closest people to Paragus because he sent the man off to space. It’s kinda sad that we will see more Saiyan characters, but they will be killed in the middle of the movie because of, well, Frieza. Dragon Ball Super Broly will be on theaters in Japan in December 2018 and January 2019 in the west.

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