Dragon Ball Super: Broly International Premiere Dates

Dragon Ball Super Broly Premiere Dates

Hey everyone! In this post, I’ll be taking about Dragon Ball Super: Broly’s international premiere, and the day it’ll air across the globe in the upcoming months. The movie is very close now, and each day, we get a new spoiler that gets us all excited for what’s to come. I’m very excited about the movie, and like many others, I share the opinion that this will be the start of a new era for Dragon Ball. Super was great, but it did suffer from the tight schedules.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly Trailer 3

Hopefully, that won’t be a problem in the future, and I think that’s why they chose to make this movie in the first place. I hold the opinion that Dragon Ball Super will return soon, and until then, we have the movie to enjoy. If you live in one of the below-listed countries and don’t know when the movie is premiering there, don’t worry. I’ve got you all covered.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly International Premiere Dates

Japan Early Screening: November 14, 2018
North American Early Screening: December 13, 2018
Japanese Wide Release: December 14, 2018
Thailand: December 27, 2018
Malaysia: December 27, 2018
Singapore: December 27, 2018
Brunei: January 3, 2018
The United Kingdom and Ireland: January TBD
North America Wide Release: January 16, 2019
Latin America: January 10, 17, 18, 24, 31 2019
Australia and New Zealand: January 24, 2019
Ukraine: January 31, 2019
South Korea: February 2019
Spain: February 22, 2019

So, that’s all we have so far. There may be more countries added to the list very soon, and when that happens, we’ll let you know. So, make sure that you turn on notifications for Otakukart to stay up-to-date with all the Dragon Ball related information.

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