Dragon Ball Super Broly Hint That Might Confirm Gogeta’s Appearance

Dragon Ball Super Broly Gogeta

There’s a lot of things to look forward in Dragon Ball Super Broly, and that includes the fight between him and our two Earth Saiyan. We are also looking forward on how Frieza will handle someone as powerful as Broly. But the greatest possibility right now in Dragon Ball Super Broly is the coming of Gogeta in the DB canon universe. And there might just be the confirmation that we need.

Dragon Ball Super Broly May Feature Gogeta

As the pool of non-canon characters became shorter and shorter, more chances are given to non-canon characters to join the main cast. One of the most requested character to come back is Gogeta, which is the Fusion Dance counterpart of Potara Fusion Vegito. As per the trailer, there are so far a handful of characters that are confirmed to be a part of the movie. You can watch the trailer below.

Fans hope that he will be in the Dragon Ball Super Broly movie and become a canon character. It seems like it is not impossible to happen anymore. An animator from the movie shared that he’s been practicing on how to draw Gogeta. And what’s the only reason that he’s been told to practice the fusion character? It is possible that he might appear in the movie.

Twitter user @Terez27 shared a link to the live NikoNiko broadcast of animator Yoshihiko Umakoshi. Umakoshi is an animator for series like Baki The Grappler and Berserk. A certain tweet from @Mattsun_2626 says “Yesterday, Umakoshi, an animator said, “I was helping Dragon Ball and practicing Gogeta.” It is also noted that he was not in the list of animators in the credits, but so did the animators that were confirmed by Shintani. The only animator that is listed is Shintani.

A Fight Between Gogeta And Broly?

If it is possible that Gogeta will be in the next movie, then it is possible that he will fight against Broly. He is not as strong as Vegito, but we might also see his blue form if he ever appears in the movie.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Gogeta

Dragon Ball Super: Broly will be in theaters this December 14.

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