‘Dragon Ball Super Broly’ – Frieza And Broly Team Up?

We are all excited in what the Dragon Ball Super Broly movie is about to offer. The real Saiyan history will now unfold after a very long three decades. In addition to that, we will also see some of the coolest Saiyans in the past. What we didn’t expect though, is the team up between Freeza and Broly that will bewilder even Goku and Vegeta.

Anime leaker and spoiler YonkouProd posted a synopsis from CineColumbia’s website. According to the synopsis, the flashback we will get will be about 41 years ago, when Vegeta was born. King Vegeta was so proud of his son because of his great latent ability as a powerful warrior. In the meantime, Paragus, King Vegeta’s military right hand, also had a baby which is Broly, who got a bigger potential than Vegeta.

dragon ball super broly

Because of jealousy, King Vegeta sent Broly in a dark planet same as what Bardock did to Goku. Having learned of this, Paragus betrayed the King and went to the dark planet to follow his son. Because his spaceship was destroyed, he and his son stayed in the dark planet for decades to come.

The newly resurrected Freeza is on his way again to collect all the Dragon Balls to get his dream and fulfill his ambition. He will manage to get his hands on six dragon balls. When Goku and Vegeta learned that the last Dragon Ball is in the Arctic, the two went there as soon as possible. Meanwhile, a patrol from Freeza’s army found Broly and Paragus in their hopeless state in the dark planet.

dragon ball super broly

Freeza will want to utilize Broly’s power in use it to finally get even with Goku and the others. Indebted to Freeza, Paragus and Broly will be sent on Earth to face the two Earth Saiyans. This will also be his chance to get even with King Vegeta and kill the Saiyan Prince. With Broly’s overwhelming power, Goku and Vegeta will have no choice but to fight him.

Dragon Ball Super Broly will be opened on December 14, 2018.

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