‘Dragon Ball Super Broly’ Confirms Earlier Release Date For Readers

Dragon Ball Super broly power level

The release date for Dragon Ball Super Broly is three months away in theaters in Japan. The western release for this movie is scheduled in early on January next year. For those who are very excited about the movie that you cannot wait for next year, and if you’re in Japan, here’s a way for you to watch the movie in as early as November 14.

Dragon Ball Super Broly World Premiere Date

Todd Blakenship translated a tweet from the official Dragon Ball Super account which promotes the Dragon Ball Super Broly movie. There is a promo where 1,000 people will be selected via lottery to watch the Dragon Ball Super Broly movie on its full glory. The screening will be held at Nippon Budokan in Tokyo in as early as November 14. So if you’re in Japan, you probably want to get this opportunity to join the lottery. Fans living outside Japan might be able to participate as long as you buy the magazines and if you can be on Tokyo this November 14.

To join, you only need to purchase Weekly Shonen Jump issue number 47 and the December V-Jump. Since the winners are chosen via lottery, the more purchases mean more chances of winning; if you’re lucky, one copy is enough. The two magazines will be released this October 20.

Dragon Ball Super Broly is the 20th movie of the Dragon Ball series and the first one to be released in the Dragon Ball Super timeline. It is also Broly’s official introduction in the Dragon Ball Super. The film will be the continuation of the first Dragon Ball Super season and is expected to pave the way to the second season of the anime. There’s no official release date for the Dragon Ball Super season 2 yet.

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