Dragon Ball Super 115 New Spoiler

Dragon Ball Super Episode 115

In last episode we saw Kefla taking Super Saiyan God Goku, real easy. Tomorrow’s Dragon Ball Super Episode 115 is will be mainly focused on Goku vs Kefla.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 115
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Earlier this week some spoilers were revealed for DBS 115, the spoilers revealed that Goku will transform into Super Saiyan Blue to fight Kefla and in answer to that Kefla will power up as well and eventually Goku will be cornered by Kefla. And title for Dragon Ball Super 115 is “Kale and Caulifla Fuse, Super Saiyan Blue Defeated?!”. That all we knew so far.

Another preview summary was posted by Herms98 on Twitter, The summary contains spoilers and trust me, you are not going to like it.

DBS 115

The new spoilers reveals something that is pretty unbelievable. As Kefla overwhelms Super Saiyan God Goku with her stupendous power and speed, Goku is left with no choice but to use the power he was preserving and then Goku transforms into Super Saiyan Blue to fight Kefla base form.

DBS Ep 115

Dragon Ball Super 115
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And Kefla immediately transforms into Super Saiyan, before we move forward let me clear one thing, Kefla transform into Super Saiyan with Light Green Hair as seen in DBS episode 115 preview and that form is extremely strong, we already know what that form is capabale of.

Super Saiyan God vs Super Saiyan Blue

Now back to our main topic, when Goku trasnforms into Super Saiyan Blue to fight Kefla, Kefla transforms into Super Saiyan and powers up even further than Goku. And Goku at last uses Kaio-Ken technique which he used against Jiren and Goku battles with all his might, but?

That’s it for the spoilers, continue reading if you want spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Episode 116 and trust me, Goku is going to take it even further!


New DBS 116 Spoilers: Jiren Fights Back

Goku vs. Jiren was one of the most amazing fights that we have seen so far in Dragon Ball Super.
We saw Son Goku, take his power to new heights with Ultra Instinct Mode. Although it wasn’t enough to take down Universe 11’s Jiren, Goku survived and was even given some energy by his long-time enemy, Frieza.

Dragon Ball Super and its forthcoming episodes guarantee another exciting series of events for the current saga, the Tournament of Power.
One of the Spoiler reveals Goku’s will Obtain Ultra Instincts Technique again to fight Kefla.

As per the spoilers, Kefla will be a troublesome challenge for the Goku. Though Goku slowly recovers his energy, his SSJBlue transformation will hold no damage to Kefla. Knowing Goku’s skills to overcome difficulties, his eyes start to glow silver. In a close inquiry, the Saiyan unlocks once again his Ultra Instinct technique.

With his most prominent technique, Goku delivers a dangerous amount of Ki. Like what we witness in his fight with Jiren, Goku unconsciously dodges and anticipates Kefla’s strikes and combos. This triggers Kefla to launch a powerful charge on the Saiyan. Goku successfully dodges the attack. He then begins a Kamehameha at point-blank range.

Jiren’s powers are on the far side any match, and after eliminating Hit, he started meditating, because there was no one value fighting him any longer. But when kale goes berserk form Jiren recognized the distinctive flair of a Saiyan aura expanding massively and was subconsciously alert for a microsecond.

[Spoiler] In upcoming episode 116, Goku succeeded to make a comeback using Ultra Instincts, and then, Jiren – the Strongest Warrior becomes interested in fighting a powered-up Goku.

After witnessing Goku Ultra Instincts versus Kale fight, Jiren finally stops meditating and interested in fighting Goku.

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