Dragon Ball Legends 1.8.0 Update, APK, Patch Notes

Dragon Ball Legends 1.8.0 Update

Connection problems have plagued Dragon Ball Legends in the last few days. The issue has been resolved, but it cannot really take back all the disappointment from the players who had ruined matches. To compensate for this, Bandai Namco released rewards for fans and other things through the Dragon Ball Legends 1.8.0 updates.

Dragon Ball Legends 1.8.0 Update

There’s a lot of issues fixed from this update. One thing that fans will surely be happy to know is that on matches where players initiated a disconnection, the players will be deemed as winners. This remedy is only available on PvP matches. The issue on some circumstances where the missions for reaching certain Z level could not be achieved is also fixed.

Problems in force switching the opponent characters or when a switching command is made right before the K.O. of the opponent is also solved. The number of equipment slots for Featured Characters is now displayed properly. Switching command cancellation is now fixed for the bug when a Cover Change is being performed. The bug related to Saibaman’s Self-Destruct damage is also one of the things that are fixed. Along with text corrections and adjustments, other unnamed bugs are also fixed. All in all, the game is very responsive to suggestions from its players.

New Events and Summons Available

The Imperial Advent Summon is now available and it will last until July 12, 2018.  There is five new summons available for this event, all of them have Sparking rarety. Frieza is the best summon in this set when it comes to damage.

Dragon Ball Legends 1.8.0 apk

Frieza is a Melee type summon. While he can deal a lot of damage with Death Catastrophe, his main ability is You’re Going To Die. 25 seconds must elapse before triggering the event. His Telekinesis causes the enemy to receive 15% more strike damage for 15 timer counts.

Captain Ginyu got some major Explode damage but his main ability is Your Body is Mine which draws Awakened Arts Card “Body Change” next. Body change causes Pierce damage and inflicts Bleed.

Paikuhan deals major Impact damage and his main ability is Buying Time. Frieza and Ginyu’s timer will have additional 10 timer counter after 15 timer counts.

Piccolo is a defense type character. His special move is the Special Beam Canon which causes pierce damage and causes the enemy to receive 15% more blast damage for 15 counters. Demon Willpower will restore 25% health and cures abnormal conditions.

Dragon Ball Legends 1.8.0 Updates

Gohan (Kid) has The Will To Fight as his main ability which causes a whopping 50% strike damage after 15 timer counts. His special skill will give him 20% strike and blast damage after 20 counts. If you pile things up, you’ll have destructive strike power.

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