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Dragon Ball Heroes New Space-Time War Episode 3 Review

New Space-Time War Saga
New Space-Time War Saga

The seventh original saga in Dragon Ball Heroes, New Space-Time War Saga aired its third episode. This arc is set up in a pseudo universe created by Fu. Different characters engage in thrilling battles in this new arc of the series. New Space-Time War Saga episode 3 was released on 9 May 2021. Right after entering the new universe, Goku is attacked by Frieza and Meta cooler. After being able to contact Xeno Trunk, he finds out about the truth behind this universe. Soon after he meets Hearts, who promises to assist him to defeat Fu, who has misused the Universe Seed. The series provides an amazing experience of battles between the heroes and powered-up villains from the past. 

New Space-Time War Saga aired in 2021. Fans have taken the arc quite positively as they get to witness intense battles. Dragon Ball Heroes aired in 2018. Since the time it aired for the first time, Dragon Ball Heroes has released 7 arcs. All the previous arcs can be considered a success because fans have been loving them a lot, if not as much as the original Dragon Ball Z series. As suspected, the animation is fairly improved which makes these battles eye candy.

The third season once again features quality content that any Dragon Ball fan must not miss. Here’s a quick summary of New Space-Time War Saga episode 3. However, with the visual effects, watching the episode has a whole exotic feel to it. You can stream the subbed version of the episode here.

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New Space-Time War Saga Episode 3 Summary

Episode 3 is named “The Pride Of The Warrior Race! Vegeta’s Awakening!!” The episode opens with Vegeta, who is exhausted from the events of the last episode. He stands in front of his opponents, Cumber and Turles. Cumber first hits Vegeta with a Ki Blast, and Vegeta falls back on the Vegeta Palace. Seeing Vegeta’s exhausted form, Cumber tells him that the true form of a Saiyan is evil. Seeing Cumber take up all the attention, Turles attacks Cumber. Turles challenges Cumber to prove that he is the strongest Saiyan after consuming the fruit from the Tree of Might. The duel as Vegeta watches them from afar. 

Right after they leave, Goku and Hearts appear before Vegeta. Goku tends to Vegeta while Hearts watches Cumber and Turles fight. Suddenly, a masked figure appears in front of them who is revealed to be Black. He challenges Goku to a fight to complete his body. Goku sets off to fight Black and Hearts follows.

Dragon Ball Heroes New Space-Time War Saga Arc

Vegeta’s Awakening.

As Vegeta is wondering why Black is here, He is hit by Turles. Turles hits Vegeta’s heart that triggers one of his memories. Vegeta almost believes that Saiyans are supposed to be evil as they said, but then he remembers Goku and realizes that it’s not true. He can control the evil power in him and uses it to his advantage to defeat Cumber and Turles. In the end, Vegeta tells them to get stronger and come back again if they have any Saiyan pride in them. 

The episode closes as Vegeta sees Black grabbing Goku by the neck midair. After credits reveal the name of the next episode: “Super Saiyan Rosé Vs. Ultra Instinct! A Great Planet-Shaking Battle!!”.

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New Space-Time War Saga Episode 3 Review

Dragon ball Heroes New Space-Time War Saga Arc

Turles in Episode 3.

The third episode had many amazing elements in it. Vegeta’s acceptance of the evil inside Saiyans to become more powerful was an incredible moment. After defeating Cumber and Turles, Vegeta asks them to get stronger and come back, extending a hand of friendly rivalry.

The concept of fighting till the end without being evil gives yet another brilliant shape to the episode. The very concept expands the value of the episode from being just an action-packed shounen episode. 

After the battle ends, Vegeta earns the respect of both of his enemies. 

The upcoming episode will be focusing on the battle between Goku and Rosé. Vegeta’s fight has already raised the bar of hype. Yet, how the legendary battle between Goku and Black will conclude will be answered in the next episode. 

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