Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4 Spoilers – Super Fu Arrives

The fight against Kanba and Vegito Blue was short-lived, but things escalated swiftly when the Evil Saiyan transformed into a form that became obsolete 30 years ago. Kanba turned into a giant Oozaru and became more powerful than before. Because of this, Fu will be forced to come out of his lab and transform into Super Fu for the first time in Dragon Ball Heroes episode 4.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4 – Fu Is A Saiyan

The most shocking revelation right now will happen in Dragon Ball Heroes episode 4. Fu can transform into a Super Saiyan, albeit not in the usual way. The only thing that we know about Fu is that he is someone who can manipulate all those strong warriors from other universes and timelines. He is also powerful enough to stitch six planets together and make a prison that is hard to bypass, even with Goku’s Instant Transmission.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4

According to Dragon Ball Wiki, he is an artificial being made from the cells of Towa (Dabura’s sister) and Mira (this is a long story, but to make the story short, Mira is a Demon King with Saiyan DNA). So you can say that Fu is a half-demon and half-other DNA, including Saiyan DNA, which enables him to transform into a somewhat demon version of Super Saiyan.

The Ultimate Fight In Prison Planet

Dragon Ball Heroes episode 4 will feature one of its most intense fights yet. It seems like something will happen to Vegeta and the only one who can fight the Evil Saiyan is Goku. He will transform into his Blue Kaioken form, but Kanba is still more powerful than him. Too powerful that he broke the Prison Planet’s ceiling.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4

This episode would be full of action as Super Fu joins the show. Dragon Ball Heroes episode 4 will be aired later this month. There is no specific date yet, and it is expected that the date will be announced later.

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