Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4 Release Date and Update

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4

Dragon Ball Heroes is going to release its third episode today. If you don’t know about the anime, then let me you something about it. The anime is based on the popular game of the same name. The show began airing on July 1, 2018, and it was an instant hit with the fans. The show is described as— “Trunks comes back from the future in order to train himself. He wanted to improve by training with Goku and Vegeta. However, Trunks suspiciously disappears, and then a mysterious man named ‘Fu’ approaches them. He informs them that Trunks has been taken to another planet where he has been locked up.

The planet is called, “Prison Planet,” and it is actually a mysterious facility in an unknown location between universes. So, the group begins to search for the Dragon Balls so that they will be able to free Trunks. So, Goku and the others are given the task of rescuing Trunks and escaping from the Prison Planet.”

So far we have had three episodes from a total of five episodes. The third episode aired today sometime ago so you can watch it already. The third episode was titled, “The Strongest Radiance! Vegito Blue Kaio-ken Explodes!” The website also had an official synopsis regarding the episode. Here is the synopsis, “To confront the Evil Saiyan Cumber who has revealed his true form, Goku and Vegeta unite using the Potara. Fusing into the strongest warrior Vegito Blue, the character bursts out into Kaio-Ken. To counter them, Cumber unleashing an astounding form.”

We are left with two more episodes from the series. Let’s swiftly move our focus to episode four of the series. The episode is titled, “Rage! Super Fu Appears!” In the episode, we will see Cumber releasing all of his power while he is in his fearsome form. He runs amock, and his powerful waves cause the chains to snap one after the other. Fu, who is watching all of this goes into a rage, and he unleashes his power.

When Does Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4 Come Out?

It has been confirmed that the episode is going to be released in September but, there is no confirmed release date for the episode. With the Dragon Ball Super movie coming up, we won’t have to wait for too long to see the episode. We will keep you updated on the latest news regarding Dragon Ball Heroes. So, make sure to check our website.

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