Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 3 Spoilers Confirmed

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 3

September is just around the corner, which means that the next episode of Dragon Ball Heroes is almost here. It can be remembered that Goku and Vegeta are about to fight Cumber, the evil Saiyan in inside the Prison Planet. Although there’s still no actual combat against Cumber, it seems like he’ll going to get in a rampage in Dragon Ball Heroes episode 3.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 3 – Release Date

We might have to wait for a little longer for the third episode of Dragon Ball Heroes to be released. The release date is expected to be on September 6, which is a few days later than the expected release of September 1, 2018. Hopefully, the waiting for the episode 4 would be shorter than the episode 3, but we will never know because this series is not a regular anime.

The title for this episode is “The Strongest Radiance! Vegetto Blue KaioKen Explodes!” As per the events that will happen in the episode, the synopsis from GovetaXV reads “In order to confront the Evil Saiyan Kanba who revealed his true form, Goku and Vegeta Unite together with Potara. Becoming the Strongest Warrior Vegetto Blue, they furthermore burst out KaioKen. To counter them, Kanba unleashes an astounding Form.”

What’s more interesting is that it is revealed that Kanba can turn into a Golden Oozaru, which is the same as Goku’s first transformation for Super Saiyan 4. He can break the Prison Planet chains which made Fu worried. Fu seems to turn into a Super Saiyan and helped Goku defeat the rampaging Kanba. It’s really interesting to see Gohanks (Future Trunks and Future Gohan fusion) in this video.

Vegito Kaioken Will Not Be Enough To Defeat Kanba?

We saw how Vegito Blue could be more powerful against someone who is literally a God with immortality. However, Vegito Blue’s fuel ran out too fast before even dealing the final blow. In this episode, Vegito will also be turning in Blue Kaioken state. He will have more power, but he will also have a shorter fight time.

Dragon Ball Super episode 3

How will this fight turn out? We will know in Dragon Ball Heroes episode 3. Hopefully, this anime will include more characters in the future.

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