Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 3 – Cumber Turns Into A Golden Oozaru?

We’ve been waiting for more than a month for Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 3, and by the look of things, our wait will not be wasted. We might see a very old form getting a reboot in the third episode. This mini-series so far managed to touch transformations such as Super Saiyan 4 Goku, SSB, and even Golden Cooler. In the next episode, they might give us the Golden Oozaru.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 3 – Golden Oozaru Cumber

In the last episode, Cumber has shown his power by deflecting Golden Cooler’s planet shattering attack like it was nothing. Trunks were also knocked out just by Cumber’s one hand choke. To make things seem more severe, Vegeta and Goku needed to use Potara to fight against Cumber. In the next episode, Vegito VS Cumber will begin.

In the preview, we all saw that Cumber would be having a new form this episode. Vegito Blue and Cumber seem to be on equal strength when they started fighting. It seems like Vegito Blue will overwhelm Cumber at some point and will transform into one of the oldest forms in whole Dragon Ball series. Cumber will turn into a huge Golden Oozaru.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 3

The Golden Oozaru is a form seen in Dragon Ball GT as the stronger version of the standard Oozaru as seen in Dragon Ball Z. When Goku was exposed to an abnormally high amount of Blutz Wave in GT, he transformed into a Golden Oozaru. Golden Oozaru can only be attained when a Saiyan with a tail can transform into a Super Saiyan.

Did Fuu Just Turn Into A Super Saiyan?

Golden Oozaru Cumber is so powerful that a single ki blast from him can breach the Prison Planet. SSJ4 Goku and SSB Goku’s combined Kamehameha are not even able to scratch or leave a dent. When Cumber became uncontrollable, Fu rushed to the scene, transforming as well into what seems like a Super Saiyan form. Is Fu some sort of a Super Saiyan? And if he is, how powerful is he?

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 3

Who is Fu and where did he come from? Is he a Saiyan or not? And if he’s a Saiyan, how come his aura is dark? We will know more about Fu in the latest episode of Dragon Ball Heroes.

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