Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 3: Confirmed Release Date, Spoilers

It’s been quite a while after the last episode of Dragon Ball Heroes was released. It is not a regular anime series, that’s the reason why every episode is so short and each has no regular releases. The series is still cool nonetheless, with the introduction of new characters like Fuu and Cumber. In Dragon Ball Heroes episode 3, we will see the fight of the mightiest warrior Vegito and the evil Saiyan Cumber.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 3 Spoilers

When it comes to power, neither Vegeta and Goku can defeat Cumber right now, even in Super Saiyan Blue. Unfortunately, Trunks went and tried to distract Cumber for Goku and Vegeta to put the Potara earrings. This plan backfired quickly when he became the automatic hostage, and he’s powerless against the evil Saiyan. It’s quite unusual that Vegeta is the one who initiated the transformation this time because Trunks is in danger.

A huge fight will commence between the two fighters. One Super Dragon Ball Heroes video promotion has shown some scenes on the fight. It seems like Vegito Blue is on par with Cumber, so we can say that Cumber is pretty much on the same level as Fused Zamasu. Vegito Blue’s only problem is that when he uses a lot of power, the Potara Fusion will be done in a faster amount of time.

Cumber In Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 3

Things will be more interesting when it comes to Cumber in the Dragon Ball Heroes episode 3. Not only because he will be fighting Vegito Blue, but he will also be unleashing his true power, and of course, his final form. If he’s in the footing with Vegito Blue, then he can at least use God Ki. Is his form another form of Super Saiyan form? Perhaps, is this the reverse of the Super Saiyan transformation where a Saiyan is too evil but also too powerful to get the standard transformation?

Dragon Ball Super episode 3

The episode length is too short to even get an explanation. Heck, even the whole Prison Planet phenomenon is not explained thoroughly. Hopefully, we can see a lot of cool things in the Cumber VS Vegito Blue fight which will be released on September 1, 2018.

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