Dragon Ball FighterZ – Character Reveal


If you didn’t already know, the next Gen of Dragon Ball Z game is Dragon Ball Fighter Z. The classic action-packed game is slated to drop in early 2018 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One (Nintendo needs to get this). Created by ARC SYSTEM WORKS and BANDAI NAMCO ENTERTAINMENT, the iconic series is back with awesome hair, energy attacks and power transforming screams but with a twist; it’s in 2D. This means that we get the classic super fights that destroy planets but more in your face. This offers a high-speed nerve wrecking battle like never seen in a DBZ Title.

If that’s not enough to hype you, the companies dropped a new trailer focusing on Future Trunks. The Future Trunks shown seems to be from Cell Saga and not from Super (although it would be epic to go Super Saiyan Blue with Future Trunks). Nevertheless, we have access to his sword combos, Burning Attack and Heat Dome Attack. I guarantee all fans of the franchise would get goosebumps watching this trailer.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z – Character Reveal

The Prince of all Saiyans Vegeta
The time traveler Future Trunks
The undefeated Teen Gohan
DragonBall Fighter Z Fighter Character
The Legendary Son Goku
The Tyrant Lord Freiza

Can’t wait? Have a PS4 or Xbox One? Well you’re in luck. ARC SYSTEM WORKS will open signups for a CLOSED BETA TESTING on July 26. This Beta testing would feature nine (9) Playable Characters. Follow us at OTAKUART for all updates on this epic title.