Dragon Ball Creators Reveals Why Future Trunks Suddenly Got Blue Hair


If you grew up watching Dragon Ball Z, then you have seen Future Trunk’s purple hair so many times before. His only hair makeover was only when he decided to wear his hair long. But either way,  his iconic purple hair was one of his most memorable features aside from his sword of hope.

Future Trunks

So when Trunks appeared in Dragon Ball Super for the first time with blue hair, everyone was very surprised. And since then, Future Trunks never got his purple hair back. He looks cool on his blue hair makeover, but older fans (like me) finds this odd sometimes since we are accustomed seeing the Saiyajin in his purple hair.

This another DB inconsistency got the fans asking why the sudden change? It turns out that this inconsistency was another product of an older inconsistency. It all boils down to Trunks’ mother, Bulma, and of course, Toei and Akira Toriyama. This isn’t that surprising, but a rather disappointing revelation.

Akira Toriyama gave Bulma purple hair in the manga and because of that, Trunks also has purple hair in the manga. For some reason, Toei gave Bulma blue hair in the anime adaptation while retaining Trunk’s purple hair, as per the manga.

Super Trunks Dragon Ball Super 

For some reason, when Toriyama designed some characters for the anime, he draws both Bulma and Trunks matching blue hair. Toei will then use the design but will revert Trunk’s hair color to purple. But for the recent times, when Toriyama did Trunk’s character design in the Zamasu Arc, Toei decided to finally follow Toriyama’s design and use blue.

I dunno what’s going on with these guys while negotiating, but it seems like they never really cleared out the discussion about Trunk’s hair color. Either way, his new hair color complimented his Super Saiyan Rage and it is an additional factor to love his new hairdo.

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There are so many inconsistencies in the Dragon Ball super series, and it is easy to see why. The anime was already three decades long with hundreds of episodes and a lot of movies and games. This is not the first time that hair color became inconsistent in Dragon Ball Super. You might also want to take a look at Android 18’s different character design right here. And yes, Akira Toriyama forgot her hair color. Go figure.


One Thing Everyone Missed About Jiren In Latest Dragon Ball Super Episode

Hey guys. Let me catch my breath first after all that intense mouth watering action, it was bound to happen. I don’t know where to start to be honest. The episode was really good and personally I enjoyed it to the very last second. In this episode, the fusion of Caulifla and Kale was supposed to happen and it indeed took place during the closing minutes of the episode.

Phew. Those were some heated last minutes and it isn’t looking good for Gokū at all. Even while using Super Saiyan God, he’s been shredded into bits by the new ultimate warrior called, Kefla. But, but, but, the highlight of the episode would be this moment—

If you haven’t watched the episode already, then you’ve run out of luck and now I have spoiled you (evil laugh). After Kale and Caulifla finally fused together, they broke the very laws of energy. Their fused form is giving off a lot of energy, which has attracted the attention of all the big name warriors in the Tournament, such as Vegeta, and I dont know if you noticed it but it attracted even JIREN’s attention too! Vegeta’s lapse of concentration allowed Toppo to land a hit on him.

Yes. You’re not dreaming. Jiren had already taken notice of the huge amount of power coming from the berserker form of Kale.

It’s no doubt that he has taken notice of the power of Kefla

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