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Dracula Untold Ending Explained

Dracula Untold Netflix
Dracula Untold

Dracula Untold is a 2014 dark fantasy action reboot of the Dracula film series. Gary Shore is the director of this Dracula origin film. The film marks Shore’s directorial debut. Instead of following the story of Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel, it follows the origin of Dracula. In this adaptation, Dracula is the monster alter ego of Vlad III “the Impaler”. The film stars Luke Evans, Sarah Gadon, Dominic Cooper, Art Parkinson, and Charles Dance in the main roles. Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless co-wrote the screenplay. Ramin Djawadi composed the music while John Schwartzman handled the cinematography. Richard Pearson served as the editor. Michael De Luca produced the film for Michael De Luca Productions, co-producing with Legendary Pictures. Releasing on October 10, 2014, the film received mixed reviews but went on to perform well at the box office.

Luke Evans stars in the leading role, playing Vlad III “the Impaler” Dracula. Dominic Cooper plays Sultan Mehmed II. Sarah Gadon Vlad’s wife, Mirena, and later on her present-day reincarnation, Mina Murrey. Art Parkinson plays Îngeras, Vlad and Mirena’s son. Charles Dance plays the Master Vampire, who turns Vlad into a vampire as well. William Houston plays Vlad’s advisor, Cazan. Diarmaid Murtagh plays one of Vlad’s men, Dumitru. Noah Huntley plays another one of Vlad’s men, Captain Petru. Paul Kaye plays the monk named Brother Lucian. Zach McGowan plays Shkelgim, who is a mysterious Romani. Ferdinand Kingsley plays one of Mehmed’s generals, Hamza Bey. Joseph Long plays another one of Mehmed’s generals, Turahanoglu Ömer Bey. Thor Kristjansson plays an assassin of the Ottoman Army, Bright Eyes.

Dracula Untold Ending Explained

Vlad can turn himself into a cloud of bats. Dracula Untold (2014).

What is the Film About? Plot Summary

The film follows a war hero and prince of Transylvania, Vlad Draculea. He is known as Vlad III “the Impaler” because he used to slaughter enemies by impaling them. However, he has left those brutal ways in his past and rules a peaceful kingdom. When an Ottoman contingent arrives at the castle, Vlad offers them the usual tribute. However, when they demand 1000 of their boys to be trained as Janissaries, Vlad refuses. Hoping Sultan Mehmed II would have mercy, Vlad instead offers himself. But Sultan refuses the offer, demanding his son in addition. As the inevitable war approaches, Vlad goes to the Broken Tooth Mountain. There he seeks help from the vampire he confronted earlier in the film. The vampire tells him about the consequences before giving him some of his blood. Vlad accepts the offer and turns into a vampire gaining supernatural abilities as well.

Having gained the ability to turn himself into a cloud of bats, he returns to his castle. When the Ottoman army arrives, he defeats the men easily. However, it turns out that the army was fake, and soon some of the enemies infiltrate the castle. Trying to save her son from being kidnapped, Mirean falls from the edge of the wall. Dying, she asks Vlad to drink her blood to lift the curse, which he reluctantly does. Gaining even stronger powers, he also releases the cave vampire from his curse. Vlad also gains a new ability to gather a storm. Turning the survivors and mortally wounded in the monastery into vampires, Vlad heads off to Mehmed. Hidden behind the storm, Vlad and his men easily kill Mehmed’s army. Afterward, Vlad kills Mehmed too and sends his son away.

Dracula Untold cast

Vlad meets Mirena’s reincarnation, Mina Murrey in present-day London.

Dracula Untold Ending Explained

The ending of Dracula Untold sees Vlad send Îngeras away before his men can prey on him. He then dissipates the clouds to let the sunshine burn away his men and him. However, this is not the time for Vlad to go. A man, who previously wished to serve him and observed his nature, saves him from the sunlight. Dragging him out of the light, he lets him sip his blood, restoring Vlad’s life. After Vlad’s presumed death, Îngeras becomes the newly crowned prince of Wallachia. We then move to present-day London. Vlad is now known as Dracula. He meets a woman named Mina, who has the same visage as Mirena. As they walk away, the Master Vampire observes from afar.

Dracula Untold ending suggests that Vlad survived and remained as a vampire. He, along with the master vampire who turned him into a vampire as well, thrives in secret in the modern world. Vlad meets Mina Murrey, a blonde woman who is the spitting image of his wife Mirena. She also loves the poem that Mirena loved, making it pretty obvious that she is her reincarnation. Meanwhile, Master Vampire lurks around and observes from afar, saying, “Let the games begin”. This implies that he is aware of Vlad’s survival and existence. It was most probably a nod to the monster universe that was to be a thing. The Master Vampire could have played a role similar to Russell Crowe’s Dr. Jackal. But we all know how the monster movie cinematic universe turned out. We might see him again if Universal ever tries to restore the Dark Universe.

You can stream Dracula Untold on Netflix.

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