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Dr Wu Lien-teh Net Worth: How Much The Mask Researcher Earn?

What is Dr Wu Lien-teh’s Net Worth? Well, A young Chinese doctor from a small British colony, “Wu Lien-teh,” rose to superiority for his role in combatting the plague that occurred in far northeastern China is a truly incredible story. Wu Lien-teh, who according to Chinese Standards were only 5 feet 2 inches, towered over numerous of his contemporaries for his genuine medical work. He was also instrumental in developing social and cultural causes. In specific, he campaigned against the opium business. That has resulted in irremediable health injury in Southeast Asia and China.

Dr Wu Lien-teh was a pioneer of surgical face masks, who was celebrated in today’s Google Doodle on what would have been his 142nd birthday. Dr. Wu Lien-teh, the epidemiologist, had discovered surgical masks for the face. And that masks are believed to be an antecedent to the N95 masks, which are widely operated today to combat the spread of COVID-19. The Chinese-Malaysian men pioneered the use of face masks to control the epidemic more than a century before the emergence of Covid-19. Born on 10 March 1876 in Penang, Malaysia, Wu would have been 142 years old.

Dr Wu Lien-teh Net Worth:

Dr Wu Lien-teh’s Net worth is unknown. There is no data available on his estimated net worth. Apart from fighting the pneumonia outbreak in Manchuria, Wu is also at the forefront of efforts to build modern public health services in China. His efforts have helped China to regain control of quarantine centers at all major ports under foreign control. Wu was also called upon to fight the cholera epidemic in northeast China in 1920-21. And he was the first Chinese to publish his work in the prestigious medical journal, Lancet.

Dr We Lien-teh Net Worth

Dr Wu Lien-teh

Wu earned honorary doctorate degrees for his actions from Peking University, Tokyo University, and Hong Kong University. He was nominated for the Nobel Prize in 1935 for his combat against the Manchurian plague of 1910. And, for specifying the role of the Tarbagan guinea pig in infection communication. The inflammation, one of the deadliest of its aspect, assassinated about 60,000 people in the pretentious areas of Manchuria and endured for seven months.

Early Life

Wu was born in Penang, Malaysia, into a family of Chinese immigrants. He was the first Chinese student to graduate from Cambridge University before he joined China’s Imperial Army Medical College on the designation of assistant director in 1908.

Wu was married to Ruth Shu-chiung Huang, whose sister is married to Lim Boon Keng, a doctor who promotes social and educational reform in Singapore. Wu and her family moved to China in 1907. During their stay in China, Wu’s wife and two of their three sons died. From the second marriage, he had four more children.

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Dr Wu Lien-teh Research On Masks

In 1910, an unknown epidemic spread throughout Manchuria, and the Chinese government commissioned Wu to investigate. He identified the disease as a highly contagious pneumonia outbreak that spread through respiratory transmission and became known as Manchuria Plague. Wu is helping to fight the spread of the disease by one of the ways, which are by designing surgical masks made of cotton. And gauze that contains several layers of cloth to filter the breath and stop the infection.

Dr We Lien-teh Net Worth

Dr Wu Lien-teh

Also, he instructed people to wear masks and work with the administration to erect quarantine warehouses and clinics. The Doctor’s management helped to end the pandemic in April 1911, within four months of being tasked with controlling the spread. The Chinese Medical Association was founded in 1915 by Wu, which is the country’s largest and oldest non-governmental association. He became the first Malaysian as well as the first person in China to be selected for a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

Background Details

Wu Lien-teh, original name was Ngoh Lean Tuck. In 1908, when he traveled to China, he changed his name to “Wu Lien-teh”. His father, a goldsmith, was from Taishan, China. Wu obtained his primary schooling at Penang Free School. And after earning the prestigious Queen’s scholarship, he took enrollment at Emanuel College, Cambridge, in the year 1896. Wu was the first Chinese to graduate from Cambridge. He completed a year of postgraduate research in bacteriology at the School of Tropical Medicine, Liverpool, with Sir Ronald Ross. He then went to the Pasteur Institute in Paris to study malaria and tetanus.

When Wu returned to Malaya in 1903, he was accepted into the local high society. He was invited to give a public lecture in Singapore, where he became friends with Dr. Lim Boon Keng and Song Ong Siang. Lim was a well-known doctor and businessman who was deeply involved in social reform. Wu collaborated with Lim and Song on the publication of The Straits Chinese Magazine, an educated social and cultural magazine for small but influential communities in the China Strait. He greeted Ruth Shu-chiung Huang in Singapore, who is the daughter of Wong Nai Siong, who is known to be a Confucian scholar who also helped Fuzhou Christians settle in Sarawak. Wu later married Ruth, whose sister was the life partner of Dr. Lim Boon Keng.

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