Dr. Stone Chapter 82 – Who Is The Victor?

Dr. Stone Chapter 82

Tsukasa and Senku decided to unite power and Science in their fight against Hyouga in the previous chapter of Dr. Stone. Because of the wound on his chest, Tsukasa is way weaker than his usual self. Senku is not a fighter; his punch can’t even be felt by the likes of Hyouga and Tsukasa. It seems like Tsukasa is about to get killed, but Senku delivered 100,000 volts of electricity which is enough to incapacitate Hyouga. In Dr. Stone chapter 82, will Tsukasa and Senku be the last one standing?

Dr. Stone Chapter 82 – The Most Unexpected Outcome

It is unlikely that Hyouga died due to the 100,000 volts from Senku’s attack. Senku must keep his promise to Ukyo that no one will die in this war between the Empire of Might and the Kingdom of Science. Stun Guns usually have high-voltage but with low-amp output and some of these devices have millions of voltage output. The worst thing that can happen to Hyouga is that he will fall unconscious.

dr. stone chapter 82

However, it is worthy to note that Hyouga is not a typical human. He might have more resistance in electricity than that of a normal human and that he might still be conscious after the attack. Even though Senku and Tsukasa will restrict him, there’s no telling if Yo and Homura will come to his rescue in Dr. Stone chapter 82.

What’s more worrisome is that Tsukasa is losing a lot of blood and a lot of stamina due to his wound in his chest. Because of the technology they have, a stab in the wound is as good as a gunshot in the head. Will Senku be able to save Tsukasa and unite the two kingdoms? It is too early for Dr. Stone chapter 82 to tell what would happen between Senku and Tsukasa’s states. Hopefully, they will finally see each other’s ideals on the same page.


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