Dr. Stone Chapter 80 Spoilers, Release Date

Dr. Stone chapter 79 is finally released, this chapter was so breathtaking but felt so short. It might have been cause it had me on the verge of my seat, particularly the last few pages. In this post, We’ll be discussing spoilers and release date of Dr. Stone chapter 80. Enjoy!

Dr. Stone Chapter 80 Spoilers

Dr. Stone Chapter 80

I had a feeling that Hyouga would turn next to Tsukasa, but I didn’t imagine it would be this soon and in such climactic way. I don’t believe Senku has the power to hold Tsukasa up, so he will end up dropping into the river. I was shocked seeing the cave of miracles destroyed. I guess reviving people will be delayed for now until Senku sums out an option.

I get that with the protagonist change, he needed to be disposed of off, because with him as an associate the danger would be profoundly diminished, but just killing him as soon as he becomes good is really low to me. Now if he somehow endures, but gets handicapped following the wound and is unable to battle, I’ll be convinced.

Dr. Stone Chapter 79 ended with a cliffhanger, and I believe the next chapter of this manga will show us what will happen to Tsukasa. There are possibilities that Tsukasa can remain alive through the remedial powers of the leftover stones. I believe Tsukasa endures to make it out alive.

I loved his character and felt he wasn’t given the opportunity to do that enough in the end. I’m hyped to see where the series goes from here though. There are so many exciting things that could be done with Hyouga as a villain. I can’t wait for next week chapter and see what occurs to Tsukasa and what Senku will make.

Where to read Dr. Stone Manga Online?

There are a few sites that let you read Dr. Stone manga for free. However, If you read scalation, please support the release by enduring for the release date, which will benefit the anime/manga community.
This manga chapter is going to release on 29th October 2018. However, The scan will arrive online 2-3 earlier to that.

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