Dr. Stone Chapter 80 – Hyouga’s Real Aim? Will Tsukasa Die?

In the last chapter of Dr. Stone, Tsukasa was severely wounded by Hyouga’s attack, and he nearly fell in the river. Senku managed to save him just in time before he landed in the flowing river behind him. Not only is Tsukasa severely injured, but the Cave of Miracles is also done for. What will happen to Senku and the others in Dr. Stone chapter 80?

It was implied even in the beginning that Homura is loyal to Hyouga and not to Tsukasa. That is why when Hyouga thought that it is time for him to make his own goals, it is not surprising that Homura will be in the scene. But what really is Hyouga’s real aim?

Come to think of it; if he wants absolute power, he will leave the cave alone. He doesn’t really care about the Tsukasa Army either because he is prepared to dispose of them.¬† He is not really an anti-Science person because he doesn’t mind using dynamite. So why would he want to kill Tsukasa?

The reason will definitely be revealed in Dr. Stone Chapter 80 when all the characters will confront Hyouga. But my take on this is that he has an old grudge against Tsukasa and that he waited for a long time to take a revenge. He must’ve been waiting to strike Tsukasa even before the world turned into the stone age.

Dr. Stone Chapter 80 – The Biggest Problem

Senku’s biggest problem is not Hyouga or the threat he poses toward the Kingdom of Science. His biggest problem right now is that the Cave of Miracles is now useless. If he is to revive everyone (everyone is equal to 7.5 billion people), he needs to have more Nital and Alcohol. But since the cave was destroyed, he cannot even have Nital naturally. Well,¬†saprotrophic species of mushrooms have a certain amount of nitrate that can be transformed into Nitric Acid. He might want to look for more mushrooms.

dr. stone chapter 80

As for Tsukasa, he was cleanly stabbed in the chest. Even though the stab was not direct in the heart, the wound is deep and is hard to cure at the stone age. There’s a chance that he will not survive, but if he managed to survive for some reason, it is not hard to see him joining the Kingdom of Science. After all, he’s still a reasonable guy.

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