Dr. Stone Chapter 79 Spoilers, Release Date, Speculation

Dr. Stone chapter 78 is out, and It is definitely an amazing chapter! I am questioning who will be the antagonist in the long run? There is Hyouga of course, but is he the one who will follow us until the end? There is quite a lot of puzzles to be solved and a lot of scientific inventions to be executed! So, Let’s start with Dr. Stone Manga 79 Spoiler and Release Date.

Dr. Stone Manga 79 Manga Spoilers

dr. stone manga 79

This chapter makes me believe that Tsukasa and Hyouga are about to have a falling out of descriptions. Hyouga is still pretty insane, but Tsukasa has always appeared somewhat reasonable if the two of them finish up disagreeing about what to do in the future chapters I believe things could end up going in a surprisingly interesting direction. The story really could take a lot of several directions at this point though. It’ll be exciting to witness what Inagaki does with it, but I’m still holding out faith for a common village upgrade arc.

Hyouga appeared to get a bit inspired by the dynamite for the corrupt reasons, so he’s obviously not going to go to the science team anytime soon but I imagine Tsukasa will become one of the good people now. Tsukasa did always hit me as the kind of villain who wasn’t so much evil as just had a different view on how to do stuff as our protagonist. Hyouga strikes me the idea of just some plain evil guy though.

It looks like the Tsukasa Empire is finished for next chapter, though I’m interested what will occur with Hyouga? Hyouga seems like the type of character Tsukasa warned about. Someone who would use the power of science to gain control over others.

I’m assuming more chapters to flesh out Tsukasa from here. I would never have thought that Tsukasa has a little sister who was in desperate need of medical care, something that depended on science. I suppose he thought that she was beyond keeping after rising in this new world. I’m really involved in if they’ll truly save Mirai.

Dr. Stone manga 79 Release Date

This manga chapter is going to release on 22nd October 2018. However, The scan will arrive online 2-3 earlier to the official release date.

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