Dr. Stone Chapter 78 Manga Spoilers, Release Date

Hey, everyone! The previous chapter showcased the strengths of the kingdom of science; This one chapter alone managed to have every named character in the village perform an integral role to victory. In this article, We’ll be discussing Dr. Stone Chapter 78 spoilers and release date. This post holds spoilers for the subsequent chapter. Therefore I recommend you should stop before you get spoiled.

Dr. Stone Chapter 78 Spoilers

Dr. stone chapter 78


Dr. Stone Chapter 78 Spoilers

I’d like this whole conflict with Tsukasa to end. I doubt Tsukasa is going to just join their cause right now but I the conflict is over so they can focus on other stuff. Let’s not forget that Tsukasa has straight up killed people for being old. I doubt Senku would ever team up with him. I am fully expecting an explosive paper airplane attack for Senku if he makes it into Jump Force.

Fans are confused and thinking maybe this is the climax of Dr. Stone manga. The last chapters were so good that it seems to be the climax of the manga. I still think this isn’t the end of this great manga. There are so many questions still unanswered and so much potential for the different plot line. I agree this chapter was so good that it did feel like a great climax to this arc.


If Tsu and his boy don’t get the upper hand, they’ll have to abandon their base since it’s soo close. With the weather change, they’ll be in a pinch. I think Ukyo might need a blood transfusion and Senku will figure out his blood type check people and actually pull it off. Tsu’s people would probably flip out mentally thinking about that; we’re trying just to survive because they are doing blood transfusions.

Where to read Dr. Stone Chapter 78 online?

There are a few online websites permit you read the Dr. Stone manga. However, even if you go for the scan, please support the release by waiting for the release, which will promote the anime & manga community further. This chapter will be released on October 11, 2018.

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