Dr. Stone Chapter 76 Spoilers, Release Date

The previous chapter was a really intense chapter that seemed to go by really fast; some may say it felt like 20 seconds. In this post, we’ll be discussing the Dr. Stone chapter 76 Spoilers and release date. Plus, this post is full of spoilers so anyone who does not like to read spoilers, please stop reading this post. If you don’t care to be spoiled, you can proceed with this article. Enjoy!

Dr. Stone Chapter 76 Spoilers

Dr stone chapter 76

That was an extreme chapter that appeared to go by very fast. I’m really interested in the new weapon they managed and how it works as well. I imagine it is very comparable to speakers but would certainly like to learn more features about it. Now I wonder if the science crew is going to wait at Tsukasa’s base until he returns or pillage everything they can make and return to the village.

For the most part, they’ve achieved their quick goal. I assume what’s following is the ball being in Tsukasa’s court. What continues to be observed is the nature of his counter-attack. And that probably could make him a quality villain.

I’m really concerned about the village. It seems like Tsukasa could do some severe damage if he takes a top start there. And if the village goes, then having the cave of miracles from returning to Tsukasa looks like a long shot at best. Though, an attack on the village could be a great growth moment for Senku.

Where to read Dr. Stone chapter 76?

As you know are some unofficial sites that allowed you to read Dr. Stone Manga. However, yet if you go for the scanlation, please help the official release by delaying for the proper release, which will support the anime and manga community.
The release date of the chapter is 01 October 2018 however as we already know scans will be available 2-3 days before that.

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