Dr. Stone Chapter 75 – The Start Of The Final Battle

With the addition¬†(kind of) of Ukyo in the Kingdom of Science, Senku got one less person to worry about. However, Tsukasa is now aware about the phone that was inside Senku’s supposed to be grave. With the battle for the cave going to commence, what would Tsukasa and how will Senku make a move against him? The first attack will begin in Dr. Stone chapter 75.

Dr. Stone Chapter 75 – Senku’s Attack Against Tsukasa

In the last chapter, it was revealed that Ukyo doesn’t really want to make a bad blood against Tsukasa but he doesn’t want what he’s doing either. Ukyo doesn’t want anyone else to die for some unknown reason. Senku promised that he will not let anyone die, even if those were from Tsukasa’s forces. Too bad, because Tsukasa managed to unveil Senku’s greatest secret: the Telephone buried in his supposed to be grave.

Dr. Stone Chapter 75

In the meantime, Senku and the others are trying to invade the cave where the Nital was being gathered. Senku’s plan is to use the Steam Gorilla’s canon and its “fright factor” to invade the cave. They will either incapacitate all the guards or make do of their surprise element advantage to get all the Nital gathered. Either way, it’s kinda hard to imagine what they will do after securing the cave. They can’t hide it or move it because it is immovable.

Each member of the fighting team is expected to handle an opponent. Kinro is expected to fight Hyouga, Magma and Ginrou are expected to fight the other guards. Kohaku might fight other enemies. More importantly, Tsukasa will not fight any other character but Senku because he’s the guy to destroy the root to eliminate the problem.

Senku is not a fighter, which means that Taiju will be there to help his friend. What is Senku’s plan if Tsukasa will foil his current plans? Will Senku be able to fight against Tsukasa when the time comes? We will know the result of Senku’s invasion in Dr. Stone chapter 75.

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