Dr Stone Chapter 75 Spoilers, Release Date

Hello, everyone! In this article, We’ll be discussing Dr. Stone Chapter 75. The upcoming chapter is just about to release now, so we better start the discussion on this week’s Chapter. Before we start, I want to let you all know that this article holds a lot of spoilers. If you don’t desire to be spoiled, I recommend you stop reading the article here.

Dr Stone Chapter 75 Release Date

The Official Release date of this chapter is 22nd September 2018, However, the scans will be out 2-3 days before that.

Dr Stone Chapter 74 Short Summary

Dr stone chapter 75 spoilers

This was really a rather incredible chapter for character development in common, it actually performed Tsukasa’s side look a lot more human. Getting to examine the motives of all of the big 4 members of Tsukasa’s group was excellent, and I particularly loved how the diversity between Tsukasa and Hyouga were dispensed as well.

Dr Stone Chapter 75 Spoilers

Dr stone chapter 75 release date

For the next chapter here’s my thought. I guess either Tsukasa will be knocked by Hyoga or Tsukasa will follow Senku.

It’s also rather nice to have the fight over the cave of miracles be the following chapter, I was expecting that things wouldn’t take too longspun to get to that spot. It does seem like everything are going a little quick though, I’m not certain if I’d love to see Senku & co. ultimately win this battle in all honesty. It might make matters more exciting if they destroy the cave or something instead.

The stone form further improves surface-level damage when it wears off. I guess they’re saving on the destruction being done not being sufficient to block reviving.

The case is they don’t know if what they’re doing will accomplish. They’re taking a chance in the dark based off a belief Senku had with the faith that what they’re arranging can protect all of humanity.

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