Dr. Stone Chapter 71 Spoilers – Chrome’s Secret Plan

Dr. Stone Chapter 71

In the last chapter, we saw how the Science Team managed to make a formidable tank by enclosing it with Carbon Fiber. Although the Gorilla Tank is just a throwaway tank, it is still an achievement to do in the stone era. Will Chrome see this great masterpiece by breaking out of the cell himself?

Dr. Stone Chapter 71 – The Rescue Continues

As per the last chapter, we saw how Tsukasa planned to make the rescue more complicated by planting traps around Chrome’s location. Senku and the team don’t only need to take care of the enemies that will be guarding the cell. They would also need to disable the traps in able to rescue Chrome successfully. That’s a lot of things to do, with a little time they got, and the little members they have.

In the next chapter, we saw how Senku and the Science team is still heading toward Tsukasa’s kingdom. While they’re traveling, it’s up to Chrome to escape and survive. We might see how Chrome will try to break out of the cell by outsmarting his guards. If he can do that, he can also disable the traps and break out alive.

Dr. Stone Chapter 71

By the time that Senku and the others will arrive, it is possible that Chrome is finally free. He could just meet them halfway and run away to the village. However, that’s not the case because there’s no way we won’t see combat using the paper shield all. The rescue mission is expected to become an escape mission.

The Science Army VS Tsukasa Army

It is hard to predict who would win against Senku’s Science Army and Tsukasa’s “barbarian” force. They only have Kohaku, Kinrou, and Magna as their powerhouse. Ginrou’s┬ákind of dependable, but we always don’t know what would happen if he’s involved. Surely, if Senku can move them in the right place at the right time, they will have a chance to escape. However, Tsukasa is around, and no one can take him on in combat as of now.

It is also worthy to note that the scout who helped Chrome for some reason is near Tsukasa. He might help the Science Team or not. We can’t expel possibility that he’s just confusing Chrome. Hopefully, his intention will be revealed in Dr. Stone chapter 71.


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