Dr Stone Chapter 232 Release Date: The Whyman Problem is Finally Solved

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Dr Stone Chapter 232
Dr Stone Chapter 232 Release Date

Dr Stone Chapter 231 showed us the final negotiation between Senku and Whyman. However, their exact conversation has been kept secret from the humans as well as the readers. The mechanical parasites covered him with a huge sphere into which radio waves can’t penetrate. The chapter ended with Whymen abandoning Earth, and setting out in search of another intelligent species. Is this a permanent solution to the Whyman problem? What will the science brigade do next? We will find that out in Dr Stone Chapter 232.

Surprisingly, one of the medusa devices decided to stay back on Earth. It’s kept in a vacuum tube to prevent getting rust. It bets on the near-zero probability of a future where humanity and Whymen can depend on each other. Well, the origin of Whymen is another secret that will most likely never be unraveled by science. Here, we bring you the latest chapter updates and spoilers of Dr Stone manga.

Dr Stone Chapter 232 Speculations and Raw Scans

Chapter 232 will set the beginning of a new arc that will show us the advancement of humanity after the threat of petrification is gone. The rate of human evolution will be so high that humanity will surpass its peak days of technology within a decade or so. We may also get an insight on the secret conversation Senku had with the Whymen. Will the mechanical parasites ever come back to Earth if humanity becomes technologically advanced enough?

Dr. Stone
Senku figures out the mystery behind petrification

Coming to the medusa device that stayed back, the best scientists of Earth will study it closely. They must start with understanding its floating mechanism, followed by how petrification works. Once they crack the secret behind petrification, the technique will become a precious resource in the medical field. Systematic research on petrification can unlock the door of immortality for humans. Raw scans and leaks of Dr Stone Chapter 232 will be released between Thursday and Saturday, so be sure to check back. We will keep the section updated for you.

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Chapter 231 Recap

Chapter 231 continues with the final negotiation between Senku and Whyman within the impenetrable sphere of medusa devices. Most part of the conversation is kept secret from the audience, thereby hinting that Senku is plotting something big to boost human evolution. He is fascinated by how Whymen completely defy the laws of aerodynamics and effortlessly float around in vacuum. Meanwhile, Kohaku and Stanley prepare themselves for the worst-case situation. (if the negotiation goes south.)

Dr. Stone
Senku surrounded by Whymen

Senku purposes Whymen to give up on finding another race and work with them instead. There’s a near-zero possibility that humanity may evolve fast enough to replicate the advanced devices. He explains the offer with his own example of how humanity emerged from the stone age to the moon barely in a decade. However, the Whymen turn his proposal down and set out in search of another race capable of replicating them. In simple words, humanity will no longer be given the prize of immortality for maintaining the medusa devices.

Surprisingly, one of the Whymen decides to stay with the humans and see how they progress over the years. As we know, oxygen is toxic to Whymen since it initiates rusting. The medusa device is kept in a vacuum capsule, and it levitates around in the room like a mechanical pet. Not only that, it continues to talk in the synthetic voice that replicates the frequency of Senku’s voice. Thus, we can say Senku has yet again befriended another foe for the betterment of the world.

Dr Stone Chapter 232 Release Date

Dr Stone Chapter 232 is expected to release on Sunday, March 6, 2022. However, there’s isn’t any confirmation about the release date from Shon Jump yet. So, don’t be surprised if a change in schedule is announced in the future. We will update the article accordingly.

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Where to Read Dr Stone Chapter 232?

Dr Stone Chapter 232 will be freely available on different platforms like mangaplus, vizmedia, and Shonen Jump’s official application for the next two weeks. You will have to switch to paid subscription to read the entire series.

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