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Dr. Stone Chapter 215: Release Date & Preview

Dr. Stone Chapter 216
Dr. Stone

The mystery behind Medusa’s explosion began with Dr. Stone Chapter 215, with Gen and others serving the explosion and talked about the Petri Beam. This is a surprise to Senku and Ryusui since the explosion continues as they run away. Dr. Stone follows Senku’s life and his Science Kingdom Crew. From the latest Dr. Stone Chapter, we saw Chrome telling the team to stay away, and Kohaku wonders how that explosion happened. Ruri and Suika try to stay safe while Senku and Ryusi decide to solve the problem. The crew began to enjoy witnessing the explosion and talked about Petri Beam’s speed. Dr. Stone Chapter 215 reveals new Tv.

This had become fun as we see Gen and others turning into stone statues, but Chrome uses revival fluid to revive them. Later we saw Gen and others returning to their standard human form. This brought a lot of questions to Senku and Ryusui, and they decided to ask Gen and the others who witnessed it from the beginning. Senku holds that Medusa, trying to analyzes what had happened. Gen and the others begin to say that it was not their fault. But Gen tries to take it easy and explains what he knows.

Gen talked about the flash, click, the sound of glass crack, and a clamor inside the safe. That is what caused the explosion, and Senku decided to investigate it. But the scientist thinks that there is something that is missing behind this mystery. Gen also talked about that no one had touched anything when that incident occurred. That leaves a lot of questions to the likes of Kaseki, Chrome, Kohaku, and Chelsea. This is surprising since it looks like that light had emerged on its own. Chrome also wonders how that can happen automatically.

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Previously on Dr. Stone Chapter 214

Kohaku also talked about something related to the moon and humanity. Chelsea is glad that the explosion didn’t strike the whole world, and if so, they would have been doomed since no one would revive them. Sai also had his say, and Ryusui also supported Sai’s statements. Suika also commented on that matter, but she is clueless. It seemed like the whole team had no ideas about what happened. Kohaku reminds the crew to be careful since they don’t know what could happen next. She also mentions taking that fight. Gen wonders why they had to do that for such a minor incident.

Dr. Stone Chapter 215

Dr. Stone Chapter 215

Chrome reminds the guys about the rocket they are building and getting a shortcut to the moon. But they are not sure where they will land on the moon, and the location is the key detail. Ryusui thought the same as Chrome and talked about getting the exact location before they departed. The team had a lot to do and think about since they wanted to solve the mystery of why man is on the moon. They both look up at the moon, and Kaseki tries to pick up the spot where they might land. Senku also had his say about the diameter of the moon.

Suika wonders how big the moon is, and Kohaku is surprised since it is small when they look at the sky. Kohaku also revealed what the folks from Ishigami village said about the moon. Gen reminds the crew about the Medusa and that this was bound to happen since they meddle with it. The crew had begun to suspect that someone tried to trick them, but that guy failed. Chelsea wonders how that happened and believes that Gen is a true detective. The crew talked about that matter, trying to find how they would handle the Medusa. Let’s look at Dr. Stone Chapter 215 release date below.

Dr. Stone-Chapter 215 Release Date

Dr. Stone-Chapter 215 will be released on 24 October 2021. Senku and others decided to keep an eye on the Medusa and monitored it while locked inside a safe place. Later the Pursues D. Monkey heads in another direction as the crew begins another journey. In the meantime, Senku acquired Selenium and both work on something that results in acquiring Tv camera to observe the Medusa. Their next plan is to launch the satellite. Let’s look at Dr. Stone Chapter 215 updates below.

Dr. Stone Chapter 215

Dr. Stone Chapter 215

Read Dr. Stone-Chapter 215 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read Dr. Stone-Chapter 215 online on VIZ Media’s official website. Dr. Stone Manga is also published on Shonen Jump+, and Shueisha’s online magazine releasing a new chapter every week. The spoilers for Dr. Stone Chapter 215 will arrive this coming week. Those who prefer to get the entire chapter of Dr. Stone Chapter 215 can get it on Sunday. Dr. Stone has returned, and the new chapter we release every Sunday as usual. Let’s meet when Dr. Stone Chapter 215 releases.

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