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Dr. Stone Chapter 211: Release Date & Spoilers

The preparation for a journey to the moon begins with Dr. Stone Chapter 211, with Suika and Chrome doing the latest science projects with the rest of Science Kingdom Crew. Dr. Stone reveals the battle between the rival Scientists, Senku and Dr. Xeno, planning to take the battle to the moon. From the recent Dr. Stone,  the crew tries to find why a human will petrify themselves on the moon and the rocket they are about to craft. They realize that the rocket is a one-way ticket to the moon, and it might not return since once it lands, it will get destroyed. Suika realizes that the guys going to the moon will never see them until the remaining crew heads there to revive them.

The team has begun to craft the rocket, and Sai is busy with making a computer. Kaseki is working with another group melting the rocks to make Aluminum. Senku taught the crew how they would work and draw a map for them. He reveals the ingredients they use to craft the rocket. Gen, Kaseki, and Koharu are glad that Senku’s demonstration is easy, but it will take hard work and patient like always. Gen is dealing with the electricity part and analyzes the steps that he has to follow.

They realize that it will need more electricity, and Aluminum is canned electricity. Ryusui and Senku realize that they need a hydroelectricity plant to produce that quantity of electricity in Stone World. Senku wonders about the power from water, and Suika comments that they are heading to a place with a lot of water. Senku realizes that it is a place that Suika is familiar with lots of rivers, and they have a home-based and resources there.

Previously on Dr. Stone Chapter 210

Later the crew decided to head to Japan, and Ryusui is surprised that they are mixing the resources around the world. Kohaku talked about her homeland, and Senku added that Senku 11 is getting built in Japan. But they will sail the medusa waiting for the rocket to be ready. Senku and Ukyo spoke about the 21st-century folks who will get revived soon. Ryusui comments that Senku is hiding a great secret since his captain instincts tell him that the medusa can revive the dead and be a source of everlasting life.

Dr. Stone


Senku replies that they won’t waste time since they have to launch the mission, and it is ten billion for Ryusui. The medusa is the one-way ticket to the moon. Chrome realizes that there has to three pilots and the first one, Ryusui. Tsukasa and Hyoga will be their soldiers. Senku and Xeno are the designers of the rocket and wonders what an amateur like him will say. Xeno is the efficiency expert, and he will support Senku about the oneway trip, and he has no right to go against them.

Chrome wonders how he can help the crew, and he decides to build courage within him since he is part of a team. Chrome decided to create something to help them come back to the earth and told Suika about it. He also talked about how he can spell the word rocket, but Suika, who is weak, made that revival fluid alone. Chrome adds that he and Suika will work together and build the return rocket. Sai joins the two and decides to be part of the project since they are serious about it.

Dr. Stone Chapter 211


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Dr. Stone Chapter 211 Release Date

Dr. Stone Chapter 211 will be released on 17 September 2021. Due to some changes, this manga will release Dr. Stone Chapter 211 on Friday, but the next chapters will continue with the Sunday release. Dr. Stone’s latest chapter spoilers will release during the week before chapter 211 release on Friday. The manga will get updated every Sunday unless it gets delayed due to a break. You can read Dr. Stone Chapter 211 online on VIZ. Don’t miss the crafting of Senku 11 in Japan on the upcoming  Dr. Stone manga that will release on Friday before returning to the Sunday schedule.

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