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Dr. Stone Chapter 206: Spoilers and Recap

Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone Manga will take a break and return around August; let’s find more about the adventures of the scientist. The chapter title is ”Universe of Zeroes and Ones.” The Science Kingdom got surprised to find that Sai is Ryusui’s brother after reviving him. They are glad that they have the million times brain power genius on board. Gen wonders if Sai is Ryusui’s big brother. He asks if there is a reason why Ryusui never told them about Sai. Ryusui avoided Gen and said he desires Sai Nanami for his talent.

Sai comments that he told them he is an ordinary guy, not a genius. Sai realizes that Ryusui made those claims ever since their young age. Chelsea remarks that it is weird that Sai is not a genius and begins to toy with him. Sai gets excited playing around with Chelsea. Ryusui said he knows his brother well, and he denies his talents ever since he was four years old. Sai calculates his age and recall the past where he learns multiplication sign. Sai shouts that metal math is pointless and realizes that no one can perform ten-digit multiplication like him.

Gen thinks about multiplication and Chrome while Kohaku thinks about calculating fish and meat. Ryusui talked about Nanami Corp and that Sai can hide his talent in math and science, but he desires his abilities. The scientist in the past raised Sai to be Nanami Corp’s dedicated actuary. They got surprised when they enter the room and finds that Sai went missing. Sai realizes that he loves games and wants to program them. But Ryusui thought Sai would become the great scientist and lead Nanami Corp. Sai couldn’t manage all things since his mind focused on the game and game programming.

Dr. Stone Chapter 205 Highlights

Ryusui used to bother Sai about science stuff, asking him to help will all of his projects. Sometimes Sai would hide from Ryusui since he got tired of doing science stuff. One day Ryusui asked Sai to help him build a sailing ship, racecourse, and optimal racing lines. Sai replies that he is the programmer and realizes that he need to code. That is how Nanami Sai left Nanamai Corp since they want him to work.

After leaving Nanami Corp and Ryusui, he arrives at university in India. In the present day, Sai wonders how many years it will take to get a computer in this stone world. Senku replies that after five to ten years and Sai wonders why they revive him in this era where he has to wait for many years. Senku talked about semiconductors. Sai realizes that he got revived into a world without so much as a pocket calculator.

Stone World Computer

Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone

Sai wonders what a programmer will achieve in this world. Ryusui comments that Sai is trying to be himself. Chelsea feels bad for Sai and wonders if Sai is a math guy. Chrome said Sai told him that he is not that quick with calculations. Senku realizes that Sai can handle their flight trajectory. The crew realizes that they will need Sai to help them with the calculations during the journey. Sai is worried about the computer issue.

Sai wonders what he will do until he gets a computer in five or ten years and wonders what the crew wants him to do. He stood up and said he could do coding, waiting to get a new computer. Francoise cook fresh curry for the boys, and Gen calls Sia to join them. Gen, Chrome, and Senku witnessed Sai coding, and Senku realizes that machine code is the most direct way to talk to a computer and the oldest type of programing language.

The trio enters the room, and Sai told them he could do coding for later use since the world has no computer. Senku notices that it is difficult to read these things and realizes that they call coding. Sai reveals the code for Dragon Quest and blows the mind of the team. Senku realizes that Sai is valuable for his team and announces that the stone world is getting a computer.

Dr. Stone Chapter 206 Release Date

Dr. Stone Chapter 206 release date is 9 August 2021. Read Dr. Stone on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga for free. ; you can also look at Spoilers & Preview: RE-MAIN Episode 3.

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