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Dr. Stone Chapter 205: Release Date, Spoilers and Recap

Dr. Stone Chapter 205 Spoilers and Recap

Dr. Stone Chapter 205 is soon coming out. And before that, The Science Kingdom Crew has managed to produce a missile that blows everything in their path. The journey continues as they travel around the world in Dr. Stone. The chapter begins with a flying balloon and explosives, with Chelsea raising her hand while celebrating. The chapter title is ”The Universe is Written in the Language of Mathematics.” The crew is glad that they have found a way to reach their next destination. They are clearing the path to a shortcut heading toward India. Senku comments that it is a straight shot to India.

Kohaku wonders why they are going to India, but she knows that it is called Math City and has no clue about the meaning. Ryusui replies that ”the universe is written in the language of mathematics,” which is a quote from Galileo Galilei. Senku enjoys watching Ryusui controlling the boat. Ryui reveals that they are looking for that universal language. Chrome comments that it sounds fantastic, and Kohaku gets excited even though she knows nothing since Ryusui’s explanation slipped her ears. Ryusui said he guided the missile manually and also talked about the trajectory.

Gen thinks things will be difficult for Senku to calculate, and Senku realizes what Ryusi’s thinking won’t work for the rocket if their number is off by a digit. Senku reveals that the ”rocket” won’t function, and it will explode in the air causing death for everyone.  The crew talked about Nasa, and Chelsea said they have to make their calculations correctly. Ryusui realizes that it was tough to beat India’s education in the past since they can memorize the times’ table up through the double-digit. Gen comments that he would have dropped out of school.

Dr. Stone Chapter 204 Highlights

Ryusui told his team that he wants that Math power from India. Senku said their next destination in India. Francois talked about Nanami Corp that founded a University to cultivate human resources in India. Ryusui thinks that many students professors are waiting for them, and if they get lucky, they will meet with Sai. Senku wonders who is Sai and Chelsea said it is a common name in India.

Ryusui said Sai is a genius mathematician whose brainpower is a million times the average of a person’s brain. The science crew enjoys traveling while talking about India. On 1 October 5750, the new persues arrive in India. They realize that India is rich in spices that they seek. Ryusui realizes that the Suez Canal shortcut made things look easy for them. They enjoy eating curry and Gen prases food around India.

Dr. Stone Chapter 205 Spoilers and Recap

Dr. Stone

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Dr. Chelasea and Dr. Senku

Kohaku realizes that she will become Ruri’s sister if they have waited for a year since Ruri got stuck as a statue. Kohaku wishes that everyone in the village is doing okay since every day passes another chance for their statue to crack apart. Suika thinks that they can fix them if they break. Kohaku notices that Suika was listening to her and replies that she is not worried and talks about shamaness and Ruri. Kohaku realizes that sea and land might have separated them, but siblings know each other and understand each other.

The crew begins to search for something, and Ryususi said a thousand years when the Petri beam hits the earth, Sai was on the rooftop and got petrified. Kohaku comments that Ryusui is used to this guy called Sai. Sai spent most of his time staying on top of the roof alone to get a decent signal. Senku reminds the crew about the targeting point and the spot where they dig other stones. Senku and Chelsea begin to work together, and Gen wonders if Dr. Chelsea and Senku have reborn.

The two talked about the maps and recreating a map of the old landscape. Ryusui finds what he was looking for, Sai the million times smarter genius, and he looks half Indian and half Japanese. Suika wonders what Sai likes, and Gen being a math genius, could be different. Ryusui revives Sai, who wonders what is happening. Sai talked about Peggy and tried to run away buy Kohaku managed to restrain him. Ryusui said Sai is Sai Nanami, who said Ryusui is my little brother.

Dr. Stone Chapter 205 Release Date

Dr. Stone Chapter 205 release date is 18 July 2021. Dr. Stone will continue next Sunday. Read Dr. Stone on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga for free.

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