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Spoilers & Highlights: Dr. Stone Chapter 204

Dr. Stone Chapter 204

The war in the Stone World has ended, and the new world has been reborn. Senku and Xeno have allied to complete their goal of reaching the moon. The scores will get settled at the moon; the scientist team enjoys traveling worldwide, gathering new groups, and reviving everyone around the country. Let’s look at the updates of Dr. Stone; the chapter begins with the picture of Senku and Gen’s new votes. Gen Asagari beat Senku and move from the third position to the first one with 64428 votes. Senku drops to the second position with the ”votes” of 45880.

Ryusui Nanami drops to the third spot by 22451 votes; the chapter title is ”Missile Heart.” Those were popularity poll results from Japan. After a hardworking Senku and the team acquired the mineral that the scientist crew yearns for, Flourite. The group is glad that they traveled from Japan to Barcelona and earned Flourite. Suika comments that the Stone is shining and glows more when heated. Gen adds that they call that stone firefly stone in Japanese. Saseki is working on something and wonders if this thing is eyeglasses.

Senku talked about the lens and telescope thinking about the moon. They realize that it will be easy for them to search for the moon if they acquire a giant telescope. Senku believes that the question of man will get revealed soon. They also talked about the crystals that they will be digging in during the mission. Suika is in love with the rocket that will get finished soon. Chrome reminds Suika that she is no longer the same child. Senku talked about a miniature rocket and decided to test Dr. Xeno’s engine after choosing a spot for launching.

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Dr. Stone Chapter 203 Highlights

Gen is excited that they will see everything about the rocket instead of hearing the news. He said that they are one step closer to the moon even though they in the Stone World. Ryusui adds that they are coming with a proper mission to the moon and accurate trajectory calculations. They decided on the next city in India; Math City and Chrome said they are down in Spain, wondering how they can use a ship to reach India. Francois comments that they will use a long route around the cape. Ryusui thinks that there is something about the new persues.

Ryusui notices that they are running out of fuel faster than they expected, and it will be difficult for them to pass the Cape of Good Hope to India. Chelsea said that it will be exciting if science always works on their problems. Chrome suggests making more gas fuel from raw garbage. Senku reveals that they will collect stuff for fuel, but they will stay here for a month until they set on their next journey. They began to check the world map and how they will travel.

Dr. Stone Chapter 204

Dr. Stone

World’s Greatest Geographer

Francois talked about the route that seas, curved by humanity as a shortcut. Chrome said it is a lousy shortcut that makes them reach their destination faster. Suika thinks that they are talking about Banana Canal, and Gen said it is Panama Canal. Gen said that Canal got blocked up after 3700 years of being abandoned; Chelsea said she is thinking about the Suez Canal connected with water at equal elevation. Kohaku said they would save a year waiting if the shortcut works.

Ryusui realizes that he is not a guy who can wait, and he remembers when they give up on that Banana route. He decided to remain as the ship’s captain until they plan their journey to avoid hitting a dead end. Chelsea talked about scouting, and Gen praises her that she is the world’s greatest geographer. Chelsea replies that Gen is trying to make her blush by complimenting her. Chrome thinks things would have been different if Chelsea could see the Canal from far with a giant telescope.  Suika finished with the big telescope and showed it to the team.

Chelsea started to use the telescope and decided to check in on the Suez Canal. They find that it is blocked, and the trio falls on their back with disappointment. Fortunately, Chelsea finds another route that they can use. She spots a dam made up of trees, and junk and Ryusui think of plenty of climate change over 3700 years. Kohaku took out an Ax and said they are still 20 km away, but she is ready to chop trees. They realize that they should check if the route is safe. They acquire missiles and blast the trees blocking the path.

Dr. Stone Chapter 204 Release Date and Where To Read Online?

Dr. Stone Chapter 204 release date is 11 July 2021. Dr. Stone will continue next Sunday. Read Dr. Stone on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga for free.

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