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Dr. Stone Chapter 201: Spoilers and Preview

Dr. Stone
Dr. Stone

Today we’ll dig into the upcoming Dr. Stone Chapter 201. The Stone World has entered an era where it got ruled by two brilliant scientists: Senku and Dr. Xeno. The two scientists worked together at a young age but end up parting ways. Thus, the science war begins as the other fights to save humanity, and the other one wants to rule over the world. The battles between the scientist led to the eradication of society, and the junior brigade scientist uses the power of science and revives every member of his crew. Thus, Dr. Stone Manga has entered a new era in the new world.

Dr. Xeno and Senku decided to work together; Xeno is responsible for making the rocket engine. Senku will build the new persues. Chelsea came up with an idea about the ship’s fuel. Ryusui wonders if they can start by creating a sailing boat. Chelsea wonders where that oil tank is and where they will get oil since, in Amazon, there is no location where they can find oil. Senku reveals that the persues will be the future ship and must run on the future energy. The science kingdom wonders what that future energy could be.

Senku surprised the science kingdom crew by bringing a raw of stinking garbage. Suika realizes that they are using the traditional formula to make the future gas. Dr. Stone Chapter title is ”Future Engine.” Saseki created a giant shining sphere that stunned Gen’s minds. Senku pours water inside the glowing sphere and spice things up by adding explosives inside. Gen heads to Chrome and Dr. Xeno’s side to see how the two are progressing. Gen asks Xeno about the power cables that look like hoses. Dr. Xeno explains about the heat going through those cables.

Dr. Stone Chapter 200 Highlights

Dr. Xeno explains the suffice for superalloys that have to be meltdown with an electricity-based induction heater. Gen got satisfied by Dr. Xeno’s answers and heads back to Senku’s side to check how Senku is working on the future engine. Senku realizes that Gen wants to ask about the Fischer Tropsh process and told him to guess the answers. But Senku decided to explain how it got pioneered by the German military since they don’t have oil. Gen couldn’t understand when Senku talked about changing raw garbage gas into fuel.

The science kingdom reveals how they will make Inconel after combining more metals they have collected. Dr. Xeno comments that Inconel is an amazing allow that makes a rocket engine possible. Chrome is glad to work with Xeno and learn new experiences. Dr. Xeno reveals that it will take them half a year to combine all metal they have collected. Later Senku and Ryusui looked at the rocket they are working on and realized that they are making good improvements. Senku asks Dr. Xeno about the engine, and Xeno replies that he is doing okay.

Dr. Xeno comments that there is no need for him to ask Senku about the future fuel. The two realize that today is the day they test the first run of their rocket engine. After the test, the scientists noticed that they produce good results. Thus, the rocket engine level 1 got acquired. Taiju comments that it is like a rocket jet, and Xeno said it is a turbine engine gas. Dr. Xeno reveals that they will need to get a level 99 engine, but they have a long way to go since they are still in level 1.

Coner Stone of Science

Senku comments that they will finally reach there in no time. Senku reveals that it is their first step to the moon. The two rival scientists toast and enjoy a drink written with the words Xeno’s Bucks. Dr. Xeno told Senku that it took 1000 years for humankind to create what they have made in a blink of an eye. Taiju and Koharu get surprised to hear Xeno saying that he will take a different path from Senku. The two wonder what Xeno is up to, and Senku comments that Xeno is right.

Ryusui announces that they are splitting into two teams. Suka wonders why they have to get separated. Chrome realizes that the rest of humanity is still petrified and wonders about people in Japan, Treasure Island, and Corn City. Taiju realizes that Ryusui wants everyone to help their people. Ryusui said the first group would remain in Superalloy City and work as the Coner Stone of Science. The first group will revive those guys in the U.S and retrieve the Corn production.

Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone

Luna can’t believe that she is in a team without Senku. Gen whispers at Luna that Senku loves the ladies that perfect their job. Luna replies that she is the kind of woman that Senku will always need. The last team will revive that other cities and Chrome celebrates. Gen wonders how many years will take them to reach Japan. Later the science team acquired new persues. The guys decided to take a trip after one week and decided that it is time to cross the Atlantic in one week.

Dr. Stone Chapter 201 Release Date and Where To Read Online?

Dr. Stone Chapter 201 release date is set for 20 June 2021. Dr. Stone will continue next Sunday. Also, you can read Spoilers & Highlights: Dr. Stone Chapter 200. Read Dr. Stone on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga for free.

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