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Dr. Stone Chapter 197: Power of Reviving The Dead Discovered?

Dr. Stone chapter 197
Dr. Stone manga

Dr. Stone is the kind of story that takes us back to the stone age, all the while keeping a tab on new age science. This hilarious series hits differently when it comes up with traditional experiments and believable statements of logic. The manga series written by Riichiro Inagaki was published by Shueisha. Even though the anime adaptation has released two seasons, the manga has a lot of unanimated material. The manga has been publishing entertaining chapters after chapters that seem to be bringing out more mystery about the world of Dr. Stone. On 23 May 2021, Dr. Stone Chapter 197 was released. After the exciting cliffhanger from chapter 196, Riichiro Inagaki released another interesting chapter with yet another chapter instigating curiosity.

The manga has entered a new arc. Along with Senki and his friends, we are unfolding more about this world. However, the New Stone World Arc brings us back to the setting of the beginning. Yet another petrification has taken over worldwide. This time, the first person to get revived is Suika. With everyone encased in stone, little Suika decides to work hard to unpetrify everyone. Here’s a full summary of Dr. Stone chapter 197 to give you a quick heads up about what’s coming up ahead.

**Spoiler Alert: This article has full spoilers from Dr. Stone chapter 197. Refrain from reading ahead if you have not read the chapter and don’t want it spoiled!**

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Recap of Chapter 196

Three years after the second World Wide Petrification, we see Suika determined to revive her friends. She remembers Senku’s methods to create miracle fluid, the key component required to revive people who have been petrified. Using his instructions, she starts off to create the miracle fluid. Due to her lack of knowledge, she is unable to create nitric acid using Ostwald Process and Electrical arc Process.

Dr. Stone

Thus, she resorts to the third formula of creating the Miracle fluid. She collects feces to extract nitric acid. After completing the procedure, she finally succeeded in making enough fluid to revive one person. The process takes up seven long years, as per Senku’s count. After reviving Senku, she apologizes to him for taking too long. Senku, not worrying about it, congratulates her on her success instead.

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Dr. Stone Chapter 197 Summary

Now that Senku has been revived, he takes over the responsibility of reviving everyone else. The chapter begins with Suika remembering how she failed multiple times until she could finally make the revival fluid. She shows Senku the field she was using to make nitric acid from fecal matter. While he appreciates her efforts, Senku shows her how to make the fluid quickly. He uses the Ostwald Process and can make nitric acid within a day. Next, he moves on to make some alcohol which will need half a month to ferment. By the end of sixteen days, sixteen potions are ready.


The first person they revive using this potion is Kohaku. Suika has grown to be of the same age as Kohaku now and conveys her embarrassment of asking for a hug. However, they hug anyway teary-eyed.

Dr stone

Tsukasa and Hyoga

One by one they revive everyone else. Tsukasa asks about Hyoga, to which Senku replies that they will use the last potion on him. Astonishingly, Hyoga comes to life on receiving the potion. The revived ones feast that night. Chrome notices that the cracks on Senku’s face remain. The latter deduces that erosion must have been preserved. During the feasts, Gen hints that Tsukasa is waiting by the water wheel hut to talk to him.

They discuss the revival of Hyoga, who was confirmed to be dead by Tsukasa. At the same time, Chrome unintentionally stumbles upon their conversation and ends up eavesdropping. Senku reveals that he has been having doubts about a theory ever since the beginning. The theory being that Petrification can nullify death. This theory was proven true by Hyoga’s revival. Tsukasa concludes that everyone as of now is immortal. The chapter closes by stating that Dr. Stone is like the forbidden fruit, a taboo not meant for humanity. At a distance, Chrome is left shocked.

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Dr. Stone Chapter 198 Release Date

The next chapter, Chapter 198 of Dr. Stone is scheduled to be released on 30 May 2021. You can read the chapter on Viz Media or Shueisha’s Manga Plus app.

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