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Read Dr. Stone Chapter 196: Spoilers and Recap

Dr. Stone
Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone Chapter 196 has returned after a weekly break. The chapter is titled Treasure Hunter, All Alone. After humanity got erased on Earth, only Suika managed to survive. She has to work alone and retrieve the statue of everyone and gather them. Suika has managed to find Senku, Taiju, Chrome, and Gen statue. She realizes that she still has to find the revival fluid. Later she managed to find Ginro, Francois, and Matsukaze. She tries to imitate their voices.

Matsukaze asks her if she was not in a hurry to find them and Francois talked about the revival fluid. Ginro comments that it is good if that they are together again. Suika took off her mask and realized that she impersonates how the Science Kingdom crew will react if they got revived. She holds Ginro’s statues and comments that she wishes they could talk since she is lonely alone. Suika talked with the statues and said she is missing them badly and she wants a real reunion. She realizes that the statues are heavy, and if they break, she will use Senku’s sticky stuff. Now be ready for more spoilers of Dr. Stone Chapter 196.

Dr. Stone Chapter 195 Highlights

Suika searches Senku’s clothes and manages to find old paper, and wonders what she will do about the paper. She realizes that Kohaku and the boy were in a real battle, and she retrieves their statues. Suika hugs Kohaku statues and manages to find an empty bottle of revival fluid wrapped with a paintbrush. She comments that if she had a motorcycle, she would have been able to carry everyone. Suika thinks spinning tires would have helped her solved the problem. But she uses tow tires and a few logs to build a ride.

dr stone

Senku, The Main Protagonist Of ‘Dr. Stone’, C(TMS Entertainment)

Suika took Kohaku and put her on her new ride. Later she arrives at Senku’s base ith Kohaku. She put Kohaku near Senku, Taiju, Chrome, and Gen. She lined them according to their status and ranks. Suika also brings Ryusui and thinks that Ryusui would have praised her that she is doing a great job if he was alive. Kohaku would have been telling her to take a break and let them complete the last part of the mission. Suika realizes that she is talking alone in the world. Nothing is alive except for her. Now, what to expect from Dr. Stone Chapter 196?

Suika Exploration Squad

The life of everyone is in her hands, and she has to do what Senku told her to bring humanity back to life. Suika realizes that Luna and Chelsea are the ones that she couldn’t find since they were on the other side of the river. She creates a fishing net and heads to the river. After few minutes of fishing, she managed to fill a basket. Using her scientific skill, Suika created fire and enjoy eating fried fish. She took a tire a make it look like a bag, and put other fried fish inside.

Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone

In Dr. Stone Chapter 196 Suika stood up and commented that the Suika exploration squad is ready to set off. She heads to look for Chelsea and Luna. She realizes that those two are her last hope, and they might have enough revival fluid. After a long journey, Suika finds Luna and Chelsea statues. She comments that Suika has finally found you, thanks to the bottle of revival fluid you tossed. She searches them and finds that no one has revival fluid. Suika got shuttered, realizing she will be all alone until the day she dies.

She heads back to Senku’s base along with Luna and Chelsea. She comments that no more crying, and she can’t be a cry baby. When she arrives, she also lined the two where there are other Science Kingdom members. Suika decided to find more food and then develop a plan on how she will revive her friends. Later she finds a paper instructing her how to make a revival fluid. Suika realize that she will meet again with her friends. She ends up shedding tears and realizes that she has to do something using science.

Dr. Stone Chapter 196 Release Date and Where To Read Online?

Dr. Stone Chapter 196 will release on Sunday, 16 May 2021. Dr. Stone will continue next Sunday. Also, you can read Dr. Stone, Chapter 195 on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga to read Dr. Stone for free.

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