‘Dr. Brain’ Episode 3: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Watch

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Dr Brain Episode 3
Dr Brain Korean Drama 2021

Dr. Brain Episode 3 is coming the next week with its spooky twist! The drama has caught viewers’ attention with its eerie turn that happened in the latest episode. We are sure they got us there since no one saw coming such a twist. As we all know, Se Won is on a mission to find out what exactly happened to Do Yoon and his wife. With Brain Sync’s help, he is discovering truth in the web of illusions and hallucinations. To find the truth, Se Won joins hands with the private detective Lee Kang Mu. 

However, the latest episode ending has left viewers in goosebumps with its uncanny twist. Se Won finds more about Jae Yi and Jun Ki’s relationship, which leads him to Kang Mu. The two team up and secretly search Jun Ki’s house to find Hee Jin’s whereabouts. The little girl is the only lead for now. Se Won finds on the verge of death Mika and decides to do Brain Sync with Mika. Meantime, Hee Jin gets kidnapped. Eventually, Se Won obtains a new clue that may commence his next move, only to discover it leading him two steps back. A little-spooky twist at the ending has brought the story to a new turning point, which will be shown in Dr. Brain Episode 3.

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Dr. Brain Episode 2 Recap

Ep 2 of Dr. Brain begins from where the previous one ended. Se Won hacks into Jae Yi’s memories and sees some flashes. Everything seems disorderly and illusion as nothing is cleared yet. Once again, Lieutenant Cho and her partner meet Se Won to question his credibility after learning that he has moved Jae Yi into their house. They suspect he must have already killed her. However, he proves them wrong by showing Jae Yi’s basement treatment room. Later, Se Won views flashes, learning that Jun Ki and his daughter Hee Jin often used to visit their house. He asks Kang Mu to help him after learning Jun Ki suspected Se Won tried to kill Jae Yi and thus hired Kang Mu. At the same time, Jae Yi’s memories flash showing she and Jun Ki with their kids used to go to Saera child specialist clinic. 

Dr Brain Episode 3
Lee Kang Mu

Who Is Lee Kang Mu?

Even though they suspect each other, Se Won and Kang Mu go to Jun Ki’s house to find more clues. There, Se Won has visions of Jun Ki’s attacker. He shares Brain Sync details with Kang Mu, who hardly believe it. Eventually, the two find out Hee Jin’s grandparents’ address. Outside the house, they discover Mika (Do Yoon’s cat). Se Won decides to do Brain Sync with Mika after sensing her low beating pulses. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Cho learns about Jun Ki’s autopsy report and Se Won’s involvement with Jun Ki’s dead body.

On the other hand, some people kidnap Hee Jin. The kidnappers’ identities are not revealed yet. Meantime, Se Won conducts Brain Sync and sees Jun Ki’s killers since there were two people. Hurriedly, he visits Hee Jin’s grandparent’s home only to find she has been kidnapped. At that moment, he sees another flash showing a car outside Jun Ki’s home. He asks Lieutenant Cho to find out the car’s number. By the ending, Se Won learns that the car belonged to Lee Kang Mu, who was dead even before Jun Ki died. The rattling of the door catches his attention only to hear Kang Mu’s voice from the other side. Therefore, Dr. Brain Episode 3 will uncover this bone-chilling mystery. 

Dr Brain Episode 3
Ep02 ending scene

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Brain Episode 3 Release Date

Dr. Brain Episode 3 will be released on 18 November 2021 on Apple TV+. It shows the latest episode enlightens about Jae Yi and Jun Ki’s relationship. Se Won has also solved the puzzle behind the little girl and her connection to Do Yoon. The human sci-fi drama, Dr. Brain, will take a twisted turn in the upcoming episode by revealing Lee Kang Mu’s real identity. Since it is a miniseries with only 6 episodes, the next episode will be a story arc, which will leave another riddle for Se Won and viewers. Therefore, watch new episodes of Dr. Brain kdrama every Thursday. Each episode streams for 60 min. 

Watch Dr. Brain Korean Drama Ep 3 Online- Streaming Details

Domestic and international viewers can watch Dr. Brain Korean drama on Apple TV+ with English Subtitles. However, viewers should note that Apple TV streamings require a subscription. The subscription plans may change according to different countries. You can start with 7 days free trial plan and move to $4.99/ month. 

What To Expect In Dr. Brain Ep 3?

The upcoming Dr. Brain Episode 3 will be a jumble of eerie mystery and sci-fi enigma. It will show the most thrilling part of the story, the real identity and the twisted truth of Lee Kang Mu. We will learn about his existence and his death as well. It is one of the exciting parts many fans are looking forward to. Se Won will also understand that he needs other people’s help to find Do Yoon. Therefore, he will team up with Lieutenant Cho. Another piece of the puzzle will be revealed, showing different side stories. 

Dr Brain Episode 3
Jun Ki and Jae Yi

Police will find Hee Jin’s kidnappers. It is still a mystery why someone would kidnap such a little girl. Somehow it seems Do Yoon’s disappearance and Hee Jin’s kidnapping are related to Saera child clinic. The background story can be more twisted than it actually appears to be. There is also a chance we may learn more about Jae Yi and Jun Ki’s relationship. Everything seems delusion at this point after discovering Lee Kang Mu’s death. Therefore, Dr. Brain Episode 3 will also unveil the mystery behind Kang Mu’s death and his existence before Se Won’s eyes. 

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