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Dr. Alex From Love Island: Trip To Cornwall With Ellie Hecht

Dr. Alex Trip To Cornwall With Ellie Hecht: Well, well, well, new relationship news has come forth on the social media platforms and this time, we can not help but cheer on this bond. We all are simps for Love Island and Dr. Alex George has broken the internet with his new revelation. He has come forth back on the 22nd of June to disclose that he is now in a relationship. Alex has been on Love Island previously back in 2018, which was season 4 of the series. As of right now, he shared the picture of his new girlfriend to his 1.9 million Instagram followers.

In the picture shared by the celebrity, we can witness that Alex is kissing his partner with utmost affection and we can not help but drool over their love. Alex captioned this post by saying that she is the apple of his eye. Obviously, this created a fresh wave of happiness among the fans for him and there was a lot of cheering for the same. Fans were eager to comment and one wrote that these are the couple goal for him. Another one penned down that they are very happy that Dr. Alex has found his partner.

Dr. Alex From Love Island: Updates and Trip To Cornwall With Ellie Hecht

Dr. Alex George with his younger brother who died by suicide.

Dr. Alex is on a staycation with Ellie Hecht

It was just earlier this week that a source that is quite close to the couple, disclosed that Dr. Alex has started dating Ellie Hecht who is the clerk of a barrister. This source told the news media outlets that Alex, as well as Ellie, have been dating for more than six months now but the news was not public till that point in time. The source also revealed that things have started to get serious between them and they are enjoying some of the very private time away at Cornwall. This the place where they have been getting cozy and freely spending time with each other and nature.

It was witnessed over the past week that Dr. Alex, as well as Ellie, have both been sharing the snaps of the place which they are staying in yet, and to remind you all, those were some beautiful places. Their social media platforms majorly consisted of these apart from the usual posts. Back on the 21st and the 22nd of June 2021, the Seafood Restaurant of Rick Stein tagged the new couple during their outing and we also saw them in the Instagram stories of Cyder Farm in Cornwall.

What Did Dr. Alex Say About His Stay in Cornwall?

In one of the posts shared by the doctor, he mentioned in depth how he felt at that time. Alex wrote in the caption that despite the fact sun is not out yet, he totally adores taking a break and getting away for some chill time. He also mentioned how the entire coast is very beautiful where he is staying and thus, he has to cover a lot of lands to explore.

Alex mentioned that he would have to try the taste of a Cornish pasty or maybe even a local sider or two and this is exactly what the doctor ordered. On his Instagram stories, Dr. Alex shared the snaps of the Healey’s Cornish Cyder Farm where the cider is made. Later when he was done tasting the cider, he shared his snaps with one of the employees at the farm, that is, Jordan, and wrote that he is a legend while the cider tasted quite amazing to him.

While being in Cornwall, there were a lot of experiences that were shared by Dr. Alex and in one of those, he wrote that he wants to explore new things in life as much as possible. He also disclosed that while he was at his vacation, he stayed in a Treehouse too and even employed the usage of an old-fashioned pizza oven. Other snaps on his Instagram stories include the food from The Seafood Restaurant.

Then he also tagged Rick Stein’s Restaurant where he ate much of the seafood at. Well, we understand how much he needed to get away from things because it surely has been a tough year for him. Previously in July of 2020, he coped with the loss of his brother who died of suicide. The source has also revealed that Alex has had a pretty tough year because of how his brother passed away and because of Covid, he had to work without a break.

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