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D.P. Netflix: Release Date, Plot, Cast & Preview

D.P. Netflix
D.P. Netflix

D.P. is about to come in August 2021. The most entertaining drama series is on its way to entertain subscribers on Netflix. D.P.’s fans are curious to know the release date of D.P on Netflix. All the fans are eagerly waiting to watch this drama series. People from all over the world are tweeting on Twitter to know the release date. So, now it is confirmed that the series is coming in August. It will be so pleasant for all the Netflix subscribers who are eagerly waiting to watch D.P. Release date of D.P. has become now a trending question. D.P.’s fans from every corner of the world have made it a trend.

Sometimes curiosity turns into obsession. D.P. has now become an obsession for some people. If you are unaware of D.P. Then let me explain shortly. D.P. is a drama series of 2021. And D.P. is going to release on Netflix. D.P. is a Korean drama that is based on the D.P. team. The full form of the D.P. is Deserter Pursuit. It has a total of 6 episodes. This is one of the dramas which has the most incredible cast. Many young actors have worked in this drama. Later in this article, we will discuss the release date of D.P. Netflix, and we also talk about the cast of the D.P.

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What’s the series about?

Many popular Korean dramas have been launched on Netflix. Korean dramas have rocked Netflix this year. Dramas like Vincenzo, Hospital Playlist to Law School, and Move to Heaven have touched the hearts of all viewers. And it’s time for D.P. D.P. is a drama that focuses on the D.P. team that is Deserter Pursuit. Deserter Pursuit is the ones who find and arrest citizens who have abandoned themselves from their military service. There is a character Private Ahn Joon-Ho. He is a strong and tough soldier. He has excellent observation skills. One day he gets promoted and transferred to the D.P. team. On the D.P. team, he was joined by Corporal Han Ho-Yelo and Lieutenant Im Ji-Seob. By the way, the new role of Joon-Ho reveals the painful reality experienced by the enlisted.

Joon-Ho’s moral sense was left to debate what is the wrong and right thing when a soldier wanted to leave the army. In one of the interviews, director Han Jun-hee has said that he wanted to make a drama on humanistic. He also added that the drama should relate to human beings, it should reveal an aspect of military enlistment that is rarely seen on the small screens.

D.P. Netflix: Release Date

D.P. Season 1 is going to release on the 27th of August Worldwide. The drama is streaming on one of the biggest platforms Netflix. You can watch it there D.P. season 1.

d.p. netflix release date

Korean drama, K.P.

D.P. Cast

Now let us talk something about the cast of D.P. The series has starred many great and famous actors from South Korea. Starting with Jung Hae-in. He has portrayed the character of Ahn Joon-Ho. Ahn Joon-Ho is a soldier in the series who later become part of D.P. Jung Hae-in is a 33 years old popular South Korean actor. Next is Koo Kyo-hwan. He has played the role of Corporal Han Ho-Yelo. Koo Kyu-hwan is 38 years old amazing South Korean actor. He is also a great film director. Son Seok-Koo has portrayed the character of Im Ji-sup. He is a wonderful actor in South Korea. He is only 38 years old and very popular. Next is Kim Sung-Kyun. He has portrayed the character of Park Bum-gu. Kim Sung-Kyun is 41 years old actor in South Korea. He has been honored with many awards.

Jun has played the character of Jun Hyun-Min. He is a handsome hunk of the Korean industry. He is only 24 years old great singer from South Korea. Then we have Sukku Son as Im Ji-Sup. Sukku Son is also a South Korean actor. We also have Shin Seung-Ho as Hwang Jang-Seol, Joon-Young Lee as Lee Deung-byu, Cho Hyun-chul as Jo Seok-Bong, and Hong Kyung as Ryu Yi-Kang.

d.p. netflix release date

The cast of D.P.

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