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Netflix’s DOTA: Dragon’s Blood: Everything We Know So Far

DOTA-Dragon's Blood release date
DOTA-Dragon's Blood poster

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, an upcoming show, has been advertised as Netflix’s original anime series. However, it is not the Japanese Production. The series was first liberated at Netflix Animation in Los Angles. It was released in the presence of Ashley Edward Miller. Moreover, she serves as the showrunner and executive producer of the series. Ashley Edward Miller was also the screenwriter of X- Men and Thor. The Co-executive of the series is Ryu Ki Hyun. This series is elated in Korea by Studio Mir. Studio Mir also animated ‘The Legend of Korra’, ‘Voltron: Legendary Defender and Kipo’ and ‘The Age of Wonderbeasts’.

This series is the latest game-to-TV adaptation that is being made by Netflix. The biggest streamer also declared in January that Tomb Raider is similarly being adapted into an animated series. However, before the ‘Tomb Raider’ announcement, Netflix has also announced a Resident Evil-themed CG series and a live-action series.

DOTA-Dragon's Blood release date

Two characters of DOTA-Dragon’s Blood

The trailer of “DOTA: Dragon’s Blood”

The official trailer of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood has come up two weeks later the teaser. Fans were extremely excited to watch the trailer. Moreover, fans through the trailer get a clearer perspective of what is in the store of the series. In the trailer, the lead, Davison’s story comes into focus deeply. Thus, he is seen escorting another character to help him/her recover the goddess of Moon. Selemene’s magic helps the character in resurrecting.

Furthermore, the trailer mentions Selemene’s successful resurrection. It shows that Selemene will not be a peaceful goddess. Moreover, Davion and the company are still waiting. The trailer lastly shows the bits and pieces of a new character and the epic war between the two dragons. Here is the DOTA: Dragon’s Blood trailer for you to watch.

“DOTA: Dragon’s Blood” Release Date

DOTA 1 was released in the year 2003 with ‘Defense of the Ancients’ being the first in the series. It is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) mode for the video game ‘Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos’. Thus, DOTA: Dragon’s Blood is set to release on the 25th of March 2022. Unlike the show The Mandalorian, the episodes of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood will release once a week.

Moreover, Dragon’s Blood decides to give a binge-friendly timetable for its viewers. It has a total of 8 episodes. Sources say that if DOTA: Dragon’s Blood proves to be successful, Netflix might trust this with a second season. The element of a successful video game does not always convert into a successful show and vice versa. However, we will have to wait until the release to know if audiences want more DOTA 2 anime. Also, whether Netflix is ready for the sequel.

The cast of “DOTA: Dragon’s Blood”

Earlier everyone has been tight lipping about the cast of the series. According to Miller’s official leak, Yuri Lowenthal, Lara Pulver, Tony Todd will provide voices. Moreover, Troy Baker, Freya Tingley, Alix Wilton Regan will also be a part. Alongside, Kari Wahlgren, Stephany Jacobsen, and Anson Mount will provide the voices behind Dragon’s Blood’s characters. As per the trailer, Yuri Lowenthal (Peter Parker in Spider-Man) will receive the most recognition as Davion, the Dragon Knight. The roles of other actors are kept under wrap. We believe that the audiences and gamers are sure to recognize many of the voices no matter what.

Storyline and Poster

There are four characters whose posters were released along with the trailer. They are  Davion (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal), Miranda (Lara Pulver), Luna (Kari Wahlgren), and Invoker (Troy Baker).

It is a fantasy tale that narrates the story of Davion, a well known Dragon Knight. Moreover, he shows dedication in erasing the torment permanently from this world. The story then follows a mighty, ancient and sacred Princess Mirana. She is on a secret mission of her own. The story will also show Dragon Knight Davion who is doing his dragon-hunting job. Furthermore, Davion becomes engaged in events larger than he could think of. Thus, the series is based on the immensely popular global video game franchise DOTA 2.

It is the sequel to DOTA 2 in the DOTA Franchise. Further things will we updated once things become official. Till then keep reading our previous articles.

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