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Doom Patrol Season 3 Episode 1,2 and 3: Release Date & Spoilers

Spoilers and Release Date Doom Patrol Season 3 Episode 1,2 and 3
From Doom Patrol Season 2 Finale Featuring Niles Caulder

Doom Patrol is coming with a bang and bringing Episodes 1, 2, and 3 altogether for a completely new adventure. Yes, an adventure that transitions through time. So we are expecting a few backstories to look at. Apart from that, there are multiple villain stables Doom Patrol will be dealing with at the same time. But that is for the future right, the season two had many unanswered questions on their side as it came to an end. We wonder if the upcoming three-episode premiere of Doom Patrol will answer the same or not.

Basically, the finale of Season 2 was all about happy times initially as Cliff was getting all set for his daughter’s wedding. But Dorothy called in for help as Candlemaker was taking over her imagination. So the team did arrive at the park which is now full of wax around with people and things stuck inside it. Before the team could get to Dorothy, they had to fight off their imaginary friends that may bring some really harsh truths in front of them. Here is a breakdown of what happened last time on Doom Patrol and what we can expect from the upcoming three-episode premiere of Season 3.

Doom Patrol Season 2 Finale Recap

Last time on Doom Patrol we opened up with Miranda underwater until we cut to see her past. She met a young singer outside her job who tries to befriend her. She actually becomes comfortable but the time he tries to get a little closer. It doesn’t go well with her as she walks away. Back to the present, Cliff is preparing for his daughter’s wedding. Larry and Miranda are trying to help him figure things out. Vic continues to suffer from heartbreak and it took Rita to comfort him.

Events From Previous Season That May Affect Doom Patrol Season 3 Episode 1,2 and 3

From Doom Patrol Season 2 Finale Featuring Vic, Cliff, Rita, Larry, and Miranda

Just when Cliff was ready, an emergency came calling from Herschel. Dorothy is looking for help as Candlemaker is wreaking havoc and taking over her imagination. Everyone gets ready for the mission. Although Cliff doesn’t want to the team convinces him to come along to save the world. Upon reaching the park, the Doom Patrol sees everyone and everything in wax. One of the people from there warns the Patrol and suggests that imaginary friends of theirs will come fighting to them.

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So the battle begins. The team splits up and finds their imaginary opponents. Rita is up against Roxy, an image cutout she made as a kid for her final look. Then Vic fights Dr. Cowboy who kind of represents his own father. Cliff on the other hand is up against Jesus. As they fight off their imaginary friends, there is one or thing they realize about themselves. In a matter of time, they started getting familiar with their imaginations. That’s when Candlemaker makes his move to retaliate not letting the Patrol win.

Ending For Doom Patrol Season 2

From Doom Patrol Season 2 Finale Featuring Dorothy

Meanwhile, back in the past, Miranda is now dating the singer boy for a couple of years now. They plan to grow together by arranging a house-warming party. When Miranda finds out that the party is not much like the regular one. But one where everyone engages with more than one partner sexually. She backs off and dubs it as betrayal before jumping into well and coming out as Jane.

Most of the Patrol members turn to wax including Larry who didn’t really have an imaginary friend. The episode comes to a close with Larry calling out for his daughter Dorothy. But her mother Slava convinces her to join her as Dorothy brings out her own weapon.

Doom Patrol Season 3 Episode 1,2 and 3 Release Date & Spoilers

Doom Patrol Season 3 Episode 1,2 and 3 is releasing on September 23, 2021, and will be available to stream on HBO Max. A total of seven episodes are coming for the third season of the DC show made up of misfit superheroes. So expect a new episode every Thursday following the first three episodes for Doom Patrol Season 3. At the moment, HBO Max is the only viable option to watch the show. So you may need to pick up either a $9.99 per month subscription including ads or a $14.99 per month ad-free subscription for Doom Patrol.

At the moment, none of the three coming episodes of Doom Patrol Season 3 have any synopsis or intricate details yet. But we believe it will pick up on Season 2’s weird ending and know the future of Dorothy. Plus how Doom Patrol may have managed to beat Candlemaker. Apart from that, the official trailer of the show teases the arrival of Madam Rogue who is here from the future. She tells the team of an event that needs to be avoided in the future. In order to do so, she has come back and needs their help.

The ones mentioned above aren’t the only things Doom Patrol will be dealing with. They are up against two forces of evil. A Brotherhood fo Evil and then there is a Sisterhood of Dada as well. Meanwhile, Madam Rogue wants the Doom Patrol to go all out. Even to the extent of killing someone. How would that be? We will see in Doom Patrol Season 3.

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