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Doom Eternal DLC 2 Is Here, The New Gameplay Revealed

Doom Eternal is wrapping up its main story with the launch of their new DLC named The Ancient Gods Part 2. This is the continuation of The Ancient Gods Part 1 which was a great and challenging expansion in itself. This DLC will end the saga of Doom Eternal. If you haven’t played the game yet then let me give you a good idea about this game. Doom is one of the classic franchises when it comes to action RPG. It is known for its blood-pumping action and a great storyline. In DOOM, you play as a Demon Slayer who begins his journey in order to beat the Dark Lord. In this journey, he faces a lot of other demons and explores every inch of hell and earth in order to taste victory.

Bethesda released a special trailer that revealed the DLC. Developers have said that the Ancient Gods 2 DLC will be much easier to play than the first part. The first part was really a tough one, to be honest. There were a lot of things involved in part 1 but part 2 is more like the climax of the story where everything is about the battle. There are a lot of things to cover about this fantastic finale in DOOM Eternal. Let’s have a detailed look at them.


The trailer itself contains so many things. From various locations on Earth and never seen locations in hell, to blood-pumping combat scenes. The boss gives great vibes to the Warhammer 40k character. There are clips of action scenes where you can see new weapons in action which we will discuss below.

What’s New

By new, we mean what new things are getting added to this game with the DLC. Well, there are a few new demons and new weapons. Talking about the demons, The Armored Baron gets a new outfit and a more powerful fist attack. The Cursed Prowler is one of the strongest demons which makes you lose your vision and your ability to dash. The Stone Imp looks stronger as the stone layer just got thicker. Screecher is also another demon added in the game and the developers say this demon is the one that players don’t want to kill. Maybe a cute-looking demon with killer intentions inside it.

Doom Eternal ancient gods

Now talking about the new weapon. A few days ago, the developers did say that they were planning to bring a new weapon to the game with the DLC and it is a weapon that DOOM fans are familiar with. Now that the trailer is out, we know the new weapon. It is the Sentinel Hammer. The Sentinal Hammer has the capability to stun all the big demons and kill the small demons in an instant with its shockwave. This weapon could turn out to be a clutch when you are stuck in high pace action where you are being attacked from every side. Using this weapon would slow down things and give you some time to think and prioritize your enemy killing.

Is this the end?

As we all know, Doom Slayer’s story will come to an end with this DLC. What we don’t know is what will happen ahead. What are Bethesda’s plans for future Doom games?. Hugo Martin, the game’s director did mention in an interview that players will get few hints in the DLC about what are we planning for the future. So keep your eyes wide open for the hints in the DLC. He also said that they have planned a few things for the Doom Slayer and since the main character is immortal, his story could be timeless. The main challenge lies in keeping all the old players glued to the game in which they fell in love and simultaneously add new players with much easier combat and something that appeals to the new generation.

Doom Eternal FPS

Bethesda is definitely ready for all the challenges and Doom isn’t quite over yet. For now, you can focus and enjoy the finale of Doom Eternal without thinking about the slayers’ future ahead.

Doom Eternal DLC 2 Release Date

Doom Eternal DLC 2 is coming out today. The trailer was launched yesterday and it stated the release date as 18th March. So what are you waiting for? Go on, buy the DLC and finish the story of Doom Eternal in a grand way. If you have never played Doom Eternal then go on, buy the game and witness a gaming marvel in front of your eyes. The DLC will be launched on PlayStation, Xbox, Stadia, and PC. You can either buy it or if you have the game pass, then it is included with it.

Have you ever played this classic? No?. Then go and do try it out. If yes, then tell us what you think is in making with future Doom games.

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