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Doom At Your Service: Han Ye Ri To Make A Special Appearance On The Show

Doom At Your Service Eipsode 6 Release Date and What to expect
Doom At Your Service

Doom At Your Srvice is an ongoing South Korean Drama. It has an amazing cast, the main leads being Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk. Park Bo Young is cute but beautiful actress who is popularly known for her role of Do Bong Soon in ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’. And, Seo In Guk is known for his role in Reply 1997 as Yoon Yoon Jae. Also, it was known that Kim Ji- Suk would be making a special appearance and also Han Ye Ri. Before the release of the drama we found out that Kim Ji Suk would be appear as Dong Kyung’s ex. Now, Han Ye Ri’s role is also confirmed. Keep reading to find out more about the drama and about Han Ye Ri.

Doom At Your Service is about the two main leads Tak Dong Kyung and Myul Mang. Tak Dong Kyung is diagnosed with gibloblastma and has 100 days to live. Being tiered of her wretched life she had shouted, ‘I want doom on this world.’ on her rooftop. This is where Myul Mang comes in. His name literally translates to doom. He had been created alongside a deity because with light comes darkness. The day Dong Kyung had shouted her wish it was his birthday. As it was his birthday he could accept to grant one person’s wish. He chose to except Dong Kyung’s wish because he himself wanted to bring doom on this world.

Inspite of Myul Mang’s dark figure he is quite lonely. He keeps hearing all of the human beings cursing doom and each and every breath of his brings doom. Myul Mang was tired of his fate. And when the two meet they sprout a beautiful connection.

Han Ye Ri To Make A Special Apperance On The Show

As already mentioned Han Ye Ri would be making an appearance in the drama. But it is not confirmed what role she might play. It was confirmed that she would make an appearance through new stills released by tvN. The stills had the inscription that One day Han Ye Ri came to doom. In the stills she seems to radiating sadness through her acting. Also, she looks shocked too. She has quite a pale expression. This has fans wondering what role is she going to play and what will her role contribute to the drama. Moreover, Han Ye Ri was able to join the drama with the director. It is the same why how Kim Ji Suk had come in the drama. Kim Ji Suk and Han Ye Ri had worked with the director in the drama ‘My Unfamiliar Family’.

Doom at your service: han Ye Ri to make a special appearance on the show

Han Ye Ri in new stills cr: tvN

And Han Ye Ri had worn our hearts when she played the role of Monica in Minari. Han Ye Ri had started to build her acting career by appearing in short films and indies. In fact, before taking on acting career she has been a wonderful dancer. She had to give up her dancer body to more of an athlete type of body for the drama As One. She had played the role of north Korean Table Tennis player Yu Sun Bok. Han Ye Ri had won the Best Actress in a one- act drama/ special. She has also won the  for Excellance Award For A Mid- Length Drama at the SBS Drama Awards for her roe in The Nokdu Flower. She had acted as Song Ja In in the drama.

Why Should You Watch Doom At Your Service

Fans find this drama very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. They say that cast had done a great job on praying their characters. Many of them had started to watch the drama for Seo In Guk or Park Bo Young or both of them. They love how Seo In Guk manages to show the darkness of Myul Mang as well as his sadness. Also, our queen, Park Bo Young is able to show how the character slowly takes in that she is going to die. And, she was able to show te sadness without crying. Also, the drama is so well-written, it could touch anybody’s heart. So don’t forget to watch the drama.

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